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how to make your own grow box

How to make your own grow box

Final Harvest Weight: 264 grams (9.3 Ounces)

This allowed three different height settings for the light. The unused two positions are capped off. Take a look…
The solution I came up with was to place the duct work outside of the cabinet.

Cost: $1.64/gram
After months pouring over cannabis related text and furrowing my brow at various nooks throughout my home, I saw through the problem. I would build a stealthy grow cabinet!
After the initial investment, $1.64 was my total cost per gram when I factored electricity, carbon filter, and nutrients.
My sights set, I loaded Google’s 3D rendering freeware, Google SketchUp, and got to work.
“1st time grower. Plants are 1 month old, and 12″ tall now. Set up for less than $250. Used cab.w/4 bulb, 24″ T5’s, 4″ elec exhaust, Thanx for great info.”

Important: The opening for your intake hole should be about twice the size of your exhaust hole.

See how one grower built his own stealthy grow cabinet (in pictures), then learn how to build your own!