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how to make weed gum

How to make weed gum

Cannabis gummy bears are very popular for a lot of reasons: They are small, so you can dose accurately. You can suck on them, so they do work faster than other edibles. And of course, they taste super awesome! Find out how you can make your own cannabis gummy bears!

5. Put the sheet or the moulds into your fridge and allow to cool for 15 minutes.
The best way to find your perfect dose is when you keep it safe. Always start with lower doses and listen to your body. If you have found the right dosage for your weed gums, it can help when you note down how much you had. This can also be useful if you had too much, so you can simply try a lower dose next time.

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First of all, and this is perhaps the most obvious thing, they simply taste awesome. Honestly, who doesn’t like gums? There is just something about their sweet and sometimes a little sour taste that makes them irresistible. For many, weed gums simply taste better. With other edibles, the weed in them can sometimes make for a somewhat “grassy” taste that may come across as off. Maybe it’s the sweetness of the gums covering up the weedy taste which makes them taste better.
3. Slowly add the gelatine to the mix and continue whisking until you have a smooth mix.
For making your cannabis gums, you first need to “activate” your weed. This process is called decarbing or decarboxylation. It sounds complicated, but it really isn’t. The reason why you need to activate (decarb) your weed, is that fresh weed won’t get you high. The THCA in cannabis first needs to become THC, which is the compound in cannabis that gives you the high. And this happens when you apply heat to your weed. When you smoke weed, the heat from smoking activates the THC, so you don’t need to do this. But for things like making a cannabis tincture that we’ll be using to make our gums, we need to activate the weed first.
Medium-sized saucepan
Dropper bottle
Baking dish or silicon baking moulds
Cooking spray

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Cannabis gummies make great edibles. They taste awesome and have many other advantages. Find out how you can make your own cannabis gummy bears!

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