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how to make weed caviar

How to make weed caviar

Concentrates come in many different forms, from hard bricks of hash to thin sheets of shatter which you can break apart and smoke, vape or dab. However, you may want to try out another kind of concentrate- caviar. So what is weed caviar?

It’s worth it for any marijuana lover to try out weed caviar. It’ll give you powerful effects that you can enjoy for hours. You can use it in multiple ways and it’s also available in many different strains and forms.
Caviar is a great choice for those who want to sample THC in a more pure and concentrated form. But there are still plenty of other options. You may prefer another kind of concentrate, or even a different product altogether. Here are some of the best alternatives.

Smoking – If you want to keep things nice and straightforward, you can add weed caviar to a joint or spliff. It’s best to add it with some bud or tobacco as concentrates don’t burn well on their own. Sprinkle some in with the rest of your herbs and you’ll notice much stronger effects when you take a few hits.
Like with any cannabis product, you can find caviar in various different forms. You can find it in indica, sativa, and hybrid forms, which will affect the kind of high you get. Caviar comes from various different strains, which will also have an impact on the flavor and effects.
Edibles – If you want something quick and easy to take that will result in some of the strongest effects, use weed edibles. These come in the form of chocolate, gummies, cookies, and all kinds of other sweet treats. Edibles will take an hour or two to kick in, but when they do, you can get potent THC effects for as long as 8 hours or more. Use these wisely.
When regular cannabis flower strains don’t tickle your fancy and you want something more potent and effective, many users opt for cannabis concentrates.
Resin – Resin is another kind of cannabis concentrate that leads to extremely strong effects. It’s easy to add to a dab rig, vape or joint to deliver an enjoyable and long-lasting high.

If you want to try out weed caviar, there are a few different ways to use it.

Like other weed products, caviar can come in many different strains and forms. Here’s an ultimate guide on everything you need to know about weed caviar.