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how to make space cookies

This whole decarbing discussion has been great! Since there cannot be a NOVA in my future $$, I’ve been doing a bunch of reading/research (ty Ardent and Leafly) and even oven testing. My oven holds a steady 198F so I’m gonna do a 75 mins. batch and play! Then I saw a Magical Butter Decarb kit on Amazon, so I’m gonna try that! Hello, we need an affordable lab, like 23nMe, where people can send in a sample for THC % only. Thanks for those recipes and ALL the incredible educational info you share! Bringing out the Scientist in me!
Ready in = 30 minutes

Follow along with us on YouTube, or follow the recipe below.
Just like Grandma’s, but better.
*Extra time needed for decarboxylation and amount of time will depend on decarb method
Marijuana cookies are a great way to spread joy. If your batch of cookies is too large to eat right away, make sure to freeze them in an air-tight container to extend their shelf life another 2-3 weeks. Enjoying homemade cannabis cookies? Tag us on Instagram for the chance to be featured on our page!
Note: *Extra time needed for decarboxylation and amount of time will depend on decarb method. If using the Nova decarb will take 1.5 – 2hrs.
Peanut butter cannabis cookies can get you an extra protein boost with your dose. These are particularly good before a run or intense workout session with a tall glass of oat or almond milk and plenty of water.
Awesome machine. My wife hates the taste of the herb, but needs the medication. Smoking is hard on the lungs.
We decarb shatter and then reheat with oil for half an hour, as per your instructions. One gram shatter to one ounce avocado oil, then we put the combined THC/avocado oil into capsules. One sativa pill for day, and one indica pill for evening. This puts our THC levels up where not as much smoking is required.
We also decarb all our flower, just as soon as we get home from the dispensary. Some goes to making hard candies (with herbal taste), the rest we smoke in narrower papers that take less herb, and in smaller bowls. We used to fill our bowl rack, fitted with four bowls, for a single sesh. Now, we rarely finish a bowl on the first sesh, the medication is just so much more effective. That same 4 bowl rack lasts a couple of days now, but we only load one or two bowls at a time because we won’t use it in a day.
We calculated that we would save the purchase price of the NOVA in about six weeks, and we were right, so now we are just reaping the rewards. I’m an economist, so I calculated everything from the cost of shatter, cost of flower, worked out the math for daily use costs, figuring in our THC requirements before we invested in the NOVA. The results are as expected,
All the, “stems and seeds that you don’t need”, (sorry Chech and Chong) go into a jar for later inclusion into hard candies for travel, so we glean as much THC as we can using stuff we used to toss.
The NOVA has completely changed the way we medicate, we are now in a more level state, keeping THC levels more constant, with fewer ups and downs, and way less time investment than smoking every couple hours. This keeps my, “Hey look, I’m walking!” feeling going all day long.
How to Make Cannabis Cookies TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction Step aside, brownies. Cannabis infused cookies are a real crowd favorite! You can make pot cookies from scratch using a few