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how to make money off weed

How to make money off weed

Consulting has always been a high-paying career, and that’s no different in the pot industry.

With the laws surrounding legal marijuana becoming increasingly convoluted, cannabis consultants have become integral because of their expertise in weed-related regulations.
Schneider, who has expanded to three hotels, averages $110,000 a month in revenue, per CNBC. In 2016, Schneider estimated that his company made $1.2 million. And he’s not stopping there. Schneider is planning on expanding to California in the near future.

This might sound like a super fancy job, and that’s because it really is.
One of the most famous edibles chefs is Chris Sayegh. The Los Angeles-based cook offers cannabis-infused fine dining that ranges from $200 to $500 a person.
The cannabis market is, um, blazing up this year.
While salaries for the position vary depending on location, an edibles chef typically has years of experience in the culinary arts.
Grow masters typically have a degree in botany, and are also certified online, via courses like this one from

In California alone, where recreational weed was legalized in January, sales were expected hit $3.7 billion in 2018. This year, that’s expected to grow to $5 billion.

From grow master to edibles chef, these are some of the most lucrative jobs in the marijuana market.