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how to make buds grow faster outdoors

How to make buds grow faster outdoors

  • nutrient problems or a pest infestation can dramatically slow down growth, especially for young plants
  • heat stress or light burn can not only slow down growth in the vegetative stage, they can prevent buds from maturing properly in the flowering stage
  • accidentally re-vegging your budding plants will stop buds from maturing

This is why you need to either mix your nutrients by hand, or choose a nutrient system that is specifically formulated for the flowering stage of a plant like marijuana. By providing the right nutrients at the right time, you’ll reduce your overall time to harvest.
In the vegetative stage, it is important that you give your plants the right nutrients needed to get optimal growth.

Growing method – differing grow methods/setups can add or subtract a few weeks or even months!
Many of our readers write in to ask about speeding up the time to harvest.
Many factors will affect the total time, but the average grow takes 3-4 months. Learn more about the marijuana growth timeline.
Now if you’re starting with a good soil (Fox Farms Ocean Forest soil is a proven choice), you may not need to supplement any nutrients for the first 3-4 weeks, as the nutrients you need are already in the soil.
That being said, flowering from seed is a very inefficient manner of growing. Plants flowered from seed don’t get enough time to grow stems where buds form.

Some strains are ‘auto-flowering’ and go through their whole life cycle regardless of light cycle or anything you can control. These strains tend to be ready to harvest in only 2-3 months from seed (though you should definitely expect smaller plants with relatively small yields when choosing an auto-flowering strain).

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How to make buds grow faster outdoors

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Apart from all of this advice and correct caretaking of your plants, you can also do certain types of pruning (we have other articles that deal with the issue of pruning) and stake, wire or string your plant so that it can get stronger and create heavier buds.
Either way if you’re going to grow in pots or not we don’t recommend directly planting neither seeds nor saplings. What you’ll need to do is start off with a small pot and increase the size little by little until you transplant it to its proper pot or to the ground.

This is probably the hardest parameter to control in outdoor crops; obviously mother nature is in charge of climate situations and the temperature, although you get to choose at what time of the year you’re going to plant.
How to make the most out of your outdoor crop is something that many growers ask themselves and aren’t entirely sure how to answer. It’s more than clear and obviously quite logical for people to grow their own cannabis to fight illegal black market trafficking. However due to the laws surrounding growing marijuana in many countries, people tend to be put off growing their own crop due to possible legal consequences.
You should already know at this stage that the deciding factors for the growth of any plant anywhere are; genes, nutrients, watering and climate or environmental factors.
Watering Is also extremely important; you’re going to need to be selective when checking the dryness of the substrate and knowing when you need to water your plants. Make sure to check them individually, and keep the PH in your water nice and balanced too.
You’ll also need to keep in mind that sativa strains tend to take a bit longer to grow and their buds are smaller but more spread out over the plant. This doesn’t mean that all feminized indicas are productive. In each seed and strain and in each seed bank there will be more potentially productive seeds than others.

Some plants can reach up to four meters tall, although this is a feat more to do with the grower than the plant. Some seeds known for being especially productive and having high yields are Somango 47, Blue Rhino by Positronics, Santa Sativa, Moby Dick by Dinafem, Orange Bud by Dutch passion or Monster by Eva Seeds.

How to make the most out of your outdoor crop; hints and tips to get the highest yield possible out of your crop this year!