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how to make bubble hash with bags

How to make bubble hash with bags

Replace steps 2-8 above with these instructions:

Don’t have a washer? Want to make bubble hash by hand? Learn how below!
The cornerstone of making bubble hash is mixing up your weed, water and ice. All three of these methods produce the same quality of bubble hash. It’s the efficiency and amount of work that varies.

Here’s a short video of a washer in action
Making hash with a drill, mixer or by hand-mixing is the same process as with a washing machine. The only difference is that you will agitate everything with a power tool (or by hand) and pre-filter your hash-water with a 220-micron bag before filtering out your hash.
Alright, let’s make some bubble hash!
Table of Contents

  1. (Old School) Manual Method: Using a spoon or rubber spatula and hand mixing for a while.
    • Pros: Cheapest method, needs the least amount of tools.
    • Cons: The most physical work and the least efficient.
  2. Mixer Method: Using a hand mixer with beaters attached, or a hand drill with a paint-mixer or similar tool attached.
    • Pros: Many people have most of the tools needed. This method is much easier then hand-mixing and more efficient.
    • Cons: Still need a drill or mixer plus a good mixing attachment that’s also long.
  3. A hash-washing machine (mini washing machines)
    • Pros: Easiest method since you don’t have to mix. Also, the most efficient method since all the material is constantly mixed while the machine is on.
    • Cons: High initial cost since you have to buy the machine (

Bubble hash refers to collecting hash from your weed (or trim) by submerging the weed in ice-cold water and agitating it. This causes trichomes to break off so you can collect them.

Bubble hash is made by putting weed (or trim) in ice-cold water and agitating it. This causes trichomes to break off the cannabis so you can collect them.

How to make bubble hash with bags

In general, the idea behind any extraction is to just get the trichromes to fall off the leaf. Rules and ratios vary depending on whom you talk to; a common one is “10 grams to every 1 gram of hash” as a ratio for what kind of yield you can expect. Another common rule I’ve heard several times is “10 minutes of stirring, 10 minutes to let it sit” for how long to stir up your mix. However, it all depends on the quality of the trim. If you have sticks, really big fan leaves, etc, then the final result is not going to be great. If you don’t let your mixture settle for long enough after being stirred or don’t stir it enough, it will also hurt the final result.

2. Filter mixture through bubble bags in a bucket.
3. Take each bag out, slowly and carefully filtering out the water.

In the last few months I’ve been making bubble hash for Karmaceuticals, the dispensary where I usually budtend. As I mentioned above, there are many different ways to make hash, but one of the easiest and most effective methods involve using bubble bags, which are simply bags with a mesh that filters out the other plant matter in cannabis.
I typically stir the mixture up with a big stick or pole (cleaned and sterilized before, of course) to break up the ice and get the trim wet. Then I take a hand blender and get the mixture frothy. I use a timer and go for either 10 minutes or 15 minutes, depending on the size of the batch.
The condition of the trim will also make a difference. Many hash makers (and especially those that make earwax and other full melt concentrates, where the THC content has a much higher potential) will choose to use flash-frozen trim, meaning trim that has been frozen as soon as it has been cut; the idea is that the cold will make the trichromes stand up like cold hair on a human being, making it easier for them to fall off the leaf.
Either way, bubble hash is a stronger version of cannabis that can be enjoyed many different ways. The higher THC content makes it a better option for many medical patients that need the higher cannabinoid content for pain relief and sleep aid.
One of the grow hands at work who first taught me to make hash once described the motion of filtering out a bubble bag as “driving the bus”; similar to panning for gold, to drain out all the water while still keeping the wet dust together so that it will be an easy to work with substance. The key at this stage is patience. When done right, you should have a big goop of dark blond baby poop.

There are many, many different extraction methods, which makes that last paragraph a very basic explanation that I’m sure will get a few hardcore wax heads mad at me. (Working at a dispensary that utilizes social media quite a bit, I’ve seen some very passionate opinions come out regarding the names of things, quality, etc.) Shatter glass, moon rock, and other kinds of “wax” are all certainly different, just as “dry ice”, “pixie”, and other kinds of bubble hash are different, too. However, regardless of the final product, all concentrates are generally going for the same thing: cannabis that is stronger and more pure than raw leaf.

Here’s a basic step by step of how to make bubble hash with bubble bags.