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how to make a pipe out of a can

Indeed, classifying soda can pipes as “less than ideal” might be a bit of an understatement. So, before we detail how to make one, let’s discuss the risks of this particular toking device.

  1. Use your sewing needle (or desired object with a small, sharp point) to poke a select number of tiny holes in your new bowl. Make sure the holes are small enough to not let any weed fall through into the can. Some people will make the bowl a big hole, and then cover that with a piece of tin foil that’s been poked full of little holes. But do you really want to be inhaling even more aluminum on top of BPA and thermoset?
  2. Lastly, pick a spot on the side of the can to serve as your carb. Make a small but solid puncture with your screwdriver.
  3. Pack your bowl with a small amount of flower — it’s best to consider soda can pipes as “one-hitters,” and pack fresh weed for each hit — and, with your thumb on the carb, light the bowl while inhaling through the can’s mouthpiece. Remove your thumb from the carb when you’ve milked the desired amount of smoke into the can to release your hit.

One such item: the soda can pipe.

Before there were vaporizers, there were Coca-Cola cans poked full of holes…
As a myriad of alternatives (in the form of vaporizers, edibles, tinctures, and so forth) have entered the marketplace, smoking cannabis has gone from being the only option to but one of many methods of consumption currently on the table. When one factors in the role the internet also plays in making all these various forms of pot and consumption more easily available, it’s fair to say the soda can pipe may be on the verge of disappearing within the annals of pot history.
As mentioned above, a soda can pipe requires the following items:
How to Make a Soda Can Pipe
For now, however, the soda can pipe continues to exist for the scenarios in which it’s needed most. With little more than a Pepsi can, some tinfoil, a screwdriver, and a sewing needle (or equivalent small, sharp-pointed object), high school stoners and travelers abroad have both turned to soda can pipes as a last-resort option to cop a buzz.

Find a spot near the middle of the can (lengthwise) where the bowl will be and make a dent with your thumb. This is to ensure your weed doesn’t go anywhere once you’ve dropped some on the can.

Before there were vaporizers, there were Coca-Cola cans poked full of holes…

How to make a pipe out of a can

Overall, for people who are just learning how to make a one-hitter pipe at home, this is the easiest solution for a few reasons:

These homemade one-hitters are hard-hitting, easy to make, and far less dangerous or bad tasting than smoking from any metal or plastic – especially if you attach a glass bowl to them. They can be a pain because cardboard tends to hold smells for a long time, and any amount of water or moisture will pretty much ruin your pipe entirely.

  • Pen or marker
  • Knife or scissors
  • Lighter
  • Socket (optional)

This might be my second favorite homemade one-hitter because it is just hilarious to think that you can literally smoke out of cardboard toilet paper rolls. On top of that, they are super easy to make, relatively safe to smoke, and get the job done very well if you know what I’m saying.
Now that these disclaimers are out of the way, let’s jump into our Stoners Science lesson for the day and make some killer homemade one-hitters and how to make them.
As you probably know, Stoners are very resourceful when it comes to smoking, which means just about anything can be turned into a smoking device. I’ve even seen wiffle ball bats and Starburst turned into bongs and one-hitters. But, this guide is designed to show you specifically how to make a one-hitter quickly, easily and resourcefully, while still keeping it small enough and inconspicuous enough to be a good travel pipe.

  • They are extremely casual and easy to pass off as a fruit
  • They taste amazing
  • They last a decent amount of time
  • You can easily dispose of them in the woods
  • They are super easy to make

To make a one-hitter from a pen or marker, you will need the following supplies:

There are a few concerns about inhaling plastic and metal fumes. You should definitely research these first before you smoke out of this type of one-hitter. Overall though, as long as you avoid using harmful adhesives, and you try to keep your herbs in a metal fitting that does not burn or melt the plastic around it, you should reduce a lot of the risk.

Every once in a while, you are down on your luck for smoking supplies, and need to make a quick pipe from household items. This guide has everything you need to know to make a homemade one-hitter pipe.