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how to make a nectar collector

How to make a nectar collector

  • 8mm borosilicate glass tube
  • Hack saw
  • Torch or fine sandpaper
  • Food grade silicone sealant
  1. 6mm reusable stainless steel straw
  2. A hard vegetable such as a carrot or potato
  3. Plastic medicine bottle. You can get either a straight cylindrical pill bottle or a refillable medicine dropper.
  4. 3-edged file
  5. Cutter/knife
  6. Sandpaper
  1. Get the titanium nail of your nectar collector.
  2. Place it on the mouth of a small plastic water bottle. Check the fit. Use duct tape or food grade sealant to secure the nail.
  3. Cut a small hole at the bottom end of the water bottle and insert the mouthpiece of your nectar collector. Seal any gaps.

Materials you will need will be:
You can also use the nail from your broken nectar collector.
A homemade nectar collector is great for emergency dabs. You can make it when you lost your nectar collector, or when it gets broken while you wait for a replacement.
If you will notice, these homemade nectar collector systems do not allow for you to use water in them. Also, the setup is not advisable for high-temperature dabs. As with all of the other DIY smoking devices, we advise that you use your homemade nectar collector sparingly. Dispose of the plastic parts immediately after use.
Now you have your very own homemade nectar collector. You can use a socket instead of the vegetable. However, be careful about heat transfer. Reusable metal straws are thin. They can heat fast and conduct heat at the same rate. Depending on how hot your straw can become, also heat up the socket, causing the plastic to melt. The vegetable serves as a coolant and/or insulator to prevent this from happening.

Do you have your own homemade nectar collector? Show them in the comment section below!

Making a homemade nectar collector is easy. You can use simple materials that you can find at home. Use it while you wait for your special nectar collector