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how to make a glass bong without a drill

How to make a glass bong without a drill

blow torch doesn’t work, huge piece of the bottle exploded lol

I use a Dremel with a diamond grinding bit. I put the bottle in the kitchen sink, run water onto the bottle at the drill site (a slow stream works fine), I use the extension attachment to keep water off the Dremel tool motor, and grind through the bottle at below medium speed, rocking and tapping the bit but not pushing it – I have never broken a bottle that way.
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You put the link to a video, just watch it and do as they do lol.
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Just use a butane torch lighter and put a hole in the glass
As most people have already said, you will need a diamond tipped drill bit. You could also try a normal drill bit and drill while running cold water on the glass, but in my experience with drilling holes in glass this usually never works.

I was just roaming around online tonight and came across this. Anyway, I read this and decided to give it a quick go. I took an old wine bottle and used a high grit sanding wheel on a dremmel tool. I just hit it in one spot and rotated the bottle (so it would have more of an even circumference on the hole). I did it a little fast though and the bottle just barley cracked around the center of the bottle where the hole was made (that might have been from spitting on it though to try to crack the glass a bit). After that I took a 11/16 drill bit (wood) and smoothed the hole out a little bit and put a little gorilla glue where the cracks in the bottle were. After that I put some wood puttly/gorilla glue mix over top the hole and let it dry. After it dried, I took a 7/32 drill bit (wood) and drilled out an angled hole in the putty (where the existing hole was) and used a piece of .250x.020 steel tube (I get these from work, you can use brass or copper or whatever you can get your hands on) and cut the tube 3 inches long and bent it a ” Z” shape (just with the corners a little more square 1.25x.5×1.25″

Okay so i have this sweet glass Pepsi bottle that i found at the store. And i wanna make a bong with it. I don't have any glass drill bits and don't really wanna buy any either. I did see a video where a kid cut a bottle in half with nail polish r…