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how to make a bong out of a pen

How to make a bong out of a pen

Thanks for reading! Hopefully, this article has inspired you with some dope ideas for how to make a homemade one-hitter and inspired you to think about investing in one in the future.

To be honest, this is my favorite way to smoke besides out of a nice clean bong. The main reasons for this are:
So, in this article, we really wanted to focus on strictly homemade one-hitter pipes. If you are looking for other types of pipes you can make out of household items, such as bongs, bubblers, bowls, and more, this guide may be best for you. If not, let’s get started – MacGyver.

This beautiful design features an airtight wooden carved dugout with an aluminum one-hitter pipe that looks like a cigarette. With two color options and extremely durable design, this is one of the best one-hitters on the market, available at an affordable price.
You are probably a bit confused about the last line of supplies. Basically, you just need something that can puncture a hole in the cardboard to insert your bowl. Depending on the size of the bowl you are using, and the level of precision you have using tools, you may be better off using one over the other.
If you have tried any of these techniques, please let us know how they went for you, and which ones you prefer! Feel free to share with us other methods you have heard of or tried as well! We always love to learn more about what you guys like to smoke out of!
To make a one-hitter from a pen or marker, you will need the following supplies:
You never really realize how easy and convenient smoking can truly be until you just spend the $10 and treat yourself to a great one-hitter instead of making them from home every time. Most one-hitters come with a dugout, which makes them extremely easy to conceal and carry with no smell.

I have smoked on homemade devices for a while, and honestly enjoy switching it up every once in a while and making an adventure out of it. But overall, for a regular smoker, it is way more convenient to have a one-hitter you can go to every time and count on. Overall, there are 3 main reasons why I think EVERY STONER SHOULD HAVE A ONE-HITTER:

Every once in a while, you are down on your luck for smoking supplies, and need to make a quick pipe from household items. This guide has everything you need to know to make a homemade one-hitter pipe.