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how to grow dwc cannabis

How to grow dwc cannabis

I personally have found hydroponic plants tend to grow the fastest when the temperature is between 73-80°F, with 75°F being a good temperature to aim for. However, with warmer temps make sure you’re using a beneficial bacteria supplement to prevent root rot!

Cannabis plants respond well to low-stress training, like these ones from above. They filled up all of the empty spots we made!
A liquid transfer pump (also called a ‘water transfer pump’) is typically used to empty out aquariums or transfer gas between containers and a vehicle. If you’re growing cannabis in a DWC (Deep Water Culture) or similar setup, this type of tool can turn the often arduous job of changing your reservoir water into a quick 5 minute task!

Can I mix up the nutrient water in advance?
Do plants really grow faster in DWC?
Yes, it’s absolutely necessary! Your plant roots still need air, and without an air pump they will drown. Plant roots need oxygen, and the heavily oxygenated water in a DWC reservoir is a big part of why hydroponic plants grow so fast!
That being said, a grower can shave 1-2 weeks off of a grow with top-feeding, which makes the beginning stages a lot more exciting (and saves time / electricity)!
One thing you can do to help stabilize pH is keep your water level about 2 inches below the bottom of your net pots. A bigger reservoir has a more stable pH, so making sure your reservoir is always topped off will help improve pH stability. On the flip side, the air gap helps prevent the hydroton from affecting the pH, keeps stems from getting mushy, and also helps roots get more oxygen.

What temperature should my reservoir water be?

Deep Water Culture (DWC) means growing your plant with the roots in a bubbling reservoir of nutrient water. This perfect root environment is what gives DWC-grown plants their remarkable growth speed!

How to grow dwc cannabis

This kind of pot, is for one plant, but there are DWC systems you can buy that will hold multiple plants in one reservoir. These can be expensive, and I would advise against growing many plants in one container unless you are growing from cuttings of the same strain.

We will assume that you already have your grow tent, and equipment ready to go, and you are just deciding what medium you are going to grow in. If you need help to decide on the right grow tent for you, then take a look at our grow tents section.
For growing in DWC, you do not need a lot of equipment, and what you need is easily sourced:

To ensure a healthy root zone, the reservoir of your DWC bucket must be kept clean! Keep your temperature of the res around 18c, and a constant supply of air, and problems will not arise often. But once a week, with a maximum of 10 days, you should clean out your reservoir and replace the nutrient solution completely.
If you have any questions about DWC, and you are thinking about starting to grow in deep water culture, then feel free to ask for help in our cannabis growers forum
As summer months come, or if you’re growing with HID lighting, it can be difficult to maintain a steady temperature in DWC reservoirs. You may need an aquarium cooler, that keep the temps at optimal levels.
The cubes should have been sat for 24 hours, in water, that has been ph’d at 5.8. Then, when you plant your seed into the rockwool, the ph will be perfect.
The most important thing you should consider is the BG EC of your water, and if you live in a hard water area. If this is the case, consider reverse osmosis, or nutrients designed specifically for hard water areas.

When growing cannabis in hydroponics, it is always better to use salt based nutrients. It is possible to grow organically in DWC, but, it is not easy, and it can get messy! When growing hydro, stick to salt based nuits, if you want to grow organically, grow in soil.

Growing cannabis in DWC will bring you big plants, with heavy yields. Regular checks and a routine to follow can make it very easy. Learn to grow in DWC