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how to get a clean ua

American Association for Clinical Chemistry: Urinalysis.

  • Wash the area around the urinary opening.
  • Start to urinate into the toilet.
  • Stop midstream.
  • Let 1 to 2 ounces flow into the container.
  • Finish urinating in the toilet.
  • Follow your health care provider’s directions for handing over the sample.

What do urinalysis test results mean?
Kids Health from Nemours Foundation: Urine Tests.
Mayo Clinic: Urinalysis.
Kids Health from Nemours Foundation: Urine Tests.
University of Utah Eccles Health Sciences Library: Urinalysis.
A urinalysis runs a series of tests on a sample of your pee. A clean-catch method gives you the best results. Here are the steps:
the best results come from using what’s known as the “clean-catch” method. here are the steps: * wash the area around the urinary opening.
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