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how to flush marijuana plants

Flushing takes effect quickly when you grow cannabis hydroponically since the roots are in direct contact with the nutrient solution. Once you start providing plain, pH’d water the effect of flushing will begin. Because of this you can start flushing 7 days before anticipated harvest. Some hydro growers will gradually lower the water’s PPM for a few days to avoid shocking the plants.

When flushing marijuana plants the pH of the water is similar to the range you use for normal waterings. This would typically be 5.8 – 6.2 for coco coir, 5.5 – 6.0 for hydro, and 6 – 6.5 for soil.
Multiple flushing cycles 2 days apart will really clear out nutrient salts from your coco medium.

Properly flushing marijuana plants with plain water removes available nutrients from the grow medium. This forces weed plants consume nutrients it has already taken up and is storing in fan leaves.
Some growers connect their plants to automated watering pumps, using garden hoses, or running the water through the shower. This makes it easy, but will add chlorine and it won’t have a lowered pH, which isn’t ideal. But for growers with a lot of plants to flush using straight tap water is a much easier solution then to pH down many batches in buckets.
General Hydroponics FloraKleen Mineral Salt Clearing Solution and Botanicare CLEAREX Rinsing Solution are salt leeching products designed to help leech excess nutrient salts from your plants. They are marketed as helping flush weed plants event better than pure water.
Make sure to not water too quickly when flushing in smart pots, you want to let the water run through the coco rather than pour out the sides. Try using half the water on the plants, let it sit for 5 minutes, and then add the other half to ensure that you dissolve in remove as many nutrients salts as possible from your medium. If you’re using a automated watering system set it on a slow setting.
If you have a small home grow and are flushing marijuana plants in coco coir or soil, a 30-gallon plastic barrel filled with water comes in handy. Let it sit a day or two to dissipate the chlorine, adjust the ph down to 5.8 – 6.0, and then use an automated watering system or a hose on a strong pump to slowly release water on the plants.

Learning how to flush marijuana plants is a critical step to producing top quality cannabis. The best way to flush weed plants is to use lots of plain, PH’d water for 10-14 days prior to harvest using the steps outlined below.

Learn how to flush marijuana plants to produce top quality cannabis. Use plain, pH'd water 10-14 days prior to harvest, watering 3-5x your container size.

How to flush marijuana plants

Nutrient lockout can be an inconvenience at best and devastating at worst. As the old saying goes, prevention is better than a cure. It’s best to take steps to avoid nutrient lockout as opposed to tackling it later down the line.

After the bud is harvested, take the extra time to cure the bud to its highest potential. A proper cure will cut back even further on that harsh edge, removing aspects like excess chlorophyll. You will be amazed at the difference this small effort can do to your product. All of your hard work will show in that first inhale of that silky smooth smoke that hits the back of your throat as soft as honey. This is nature at its smoothest. You can increase the quality of your cannabis by just adding water!
After flushing to counter nutrient lockout or before harvest, you might still notice your plants are dark green in appearance—a sign of excess nutrients. In this case, some growers elect to add enzyme-rich formulas to the soil.

Flushing hydroponic plants is much easier than removing nutrients from a soil medium. Hydro growers can simply drain their system and replace the water with plain pH-balanced water instead.
The what, how, and why of flushing cannabis plants.
This less than pleasant smoke is caused by nutrients and minerals used during growth still be present in the plant, altering the way it burns. Flushing removes these remaining nutrients, improving the quality of the experience. Fortunately, flushing your cannabis is an effortless and easy task, and will have you producing smooth and delightful bud in no time.
Flushing isn’t exclusive to harvest time. The technique can also be used in the vegetative phase to remove excess nutrients from the soil. Sure, nutrients keep your plant healthy and ensure optimal yields, but too much can cause nutrient lockout—a state where plants can’t access nutrients.
Flushing hydroponic plants is also a much shorter process. Once the water supply has been switched out, hydro plants won’t have access to any external nutrients. Because of this, you’ll only need to flush plants for two days.

Flushing is usually commenced two weeks before harvest. If the plant has an eight-week flowering period, the flushing will need to take place six weeks after the start of the flowering stage. It is best to take a close look at the trichomes on your plant to assess when your cannabis is likely to be ready for harvest. If the tiny trichomes are just beginning to turn from clear, to a cloudy and milky colour, this could be a good indication that the plant can begin flushing. It should be timed so that the majority of trichomes will have fully changed to the desired colour for harvest after two weeks – this gets easier with experience, so stick with it!

Flushing cannabis before harvest can makes the difference between a smooth or horrifically harsh smoke. Here is how to do it.