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how to feminize a male

How to feminize a male

Rhinoplasty surgery is often one of the most popular surgeries for Transgender patients in Toronto who are looking to feminize their face due to its central location, right in the middle of the face.

For example, the male nose typically has a wider base and has greater projection than that of a female, whose nose is typically shorter and narrower. The bridge of the male nose also tends to be arched or straight while the female nose tends to be more incurvate.
Cheeks are another defining feature that can differentiate a male from a female. Men typically have flatter cheekbones while women often have more prominent cheekbones as well as more facial fat, giving their cheeks a fuller appearance. Cheek Implants in Toronto are commonly used in Facial Feminization Surgery to create greater cheek contour and a more feminine look.

Brow Reduction, a Facial Feminization Surgery, can smooth out the surface of the forehead. Brow Reduction combined with Forehead Reduction surgery, also known as Hairline Lowering Surgery, can further enhance feminization results by reducing the height of the forehead and therefore feminizing the face.
How to feminize the male face is a very commonly asked question by male patients looking to permanently change their physical appearance from male to female. Facial Feminization Surgery in Toronto is often the first permanent change a Transgender patient will make as it can offer immediate gratification, confidence and social acceptance.
While some males can naturally look more feminine, and some females can have a more masculine look, gender typically plays a role in the appearance of certain facial features.
When it comes to the orehead, there are also significant defining characteristics between male and females.
Angelina Jolie likely set the tone for a generation of females and transgender females, desiring beautiful full lips. Typically, male lips are thinner than the female lips, particularly the upper lip. Also, the distance from the base of the nose to the top lip is often longer in men.

The male forehead is often higher and wider than a female’s forehead. Men also tend to have a bony bridge that runs across the forehead above the eyes while females typically have smooth foreheads. Lastly, the male forehead often slopes backward while the female forehead is more vertical.

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