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how to do the jellyfish smoke trick

  1. Take a good hit of vapour from your device
  2. Patiently lower your bottom jaw and gently blow out some vapour
  3. Instantaneously, inhale that vapour through your nose
  4. We said it was harder than it looks…
  1. Take a good hit of vapour from your device
  2. Place your index finger vertically in the middle of your mouth, kind of like you are telling someone to be quiet
  3. Use the same technique from making normal O-rings, whether it is the light cough or the use of your jaw
  4. Two o-rings will be exhaled from each side your mouth… it’s much harder than it looks! But keep practicing.

Alternatively or additionally you can move your lower jaw up and down whilst attempting the subtle cough motion, this could help create a better O-ring.
There are many methods to making an O-ring. For a start, make sure you’re indoors or at least a place where there is no draft, and follow these steps:
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We previously hosted a Cocktail Party & Cloud Chasing night last November to celebrate our collaboration with Sanctum Soho Hotel. If you are wondering what cloud chasing is then have a look at this piece on The Guardian.

  1. Take a good hit of vapour from your device
  2. Shape your mouth into an O shape with your lips clenched rather than sticking outwards
  3. Very gently attempt a cough (or at least a coughing motion)
  4. You should start to be able to shape an O-ring with your vapour

How to do the jellyfish smoke trick Vape Tricks have become an extremely popular sub-culture in the world of vaping. Championship competitions are on the rise. We are considering hosting our own