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how to do dabs without a torch

How to do dabs without a torch
A wax, marijuana concentrate, or dab is a highly potent form of cannabis that is consumed for medical or recreational purposes. Concentrates typically look like butter or honey. They come in different forms. Some of the favorite ones include wax, oil, shatter, budder, crumble, rosin, etc.
So there you have it – eight simple ways to smoke wax without a dab rig. While these methods are effective and can get you high, you must consider your safety before using any of them. Try as much as possible to avoid using hot knives, a car lighter, or aluminum foil.
While hot knives or knife hits are very easy to use and effective for smoking wax, it makes one feel like a desperate weed junkie. You only need two butter knives, your concentrates, an empty plastic bottle (cut off the bottom) and a heat source (a torch or stove).
Another effective way of vaporizing dabs without a rig is using a healthstone. But what the hell are healthstones?
This is practically the easiest method to smoke concentrates without a dab rig. Here you just load the bowl with your herbs as usual and then add your wax on top of the weed. Next is just to light up the weed as you would normally do and smoke away.
You need to heat up the car lighter until it becomes super hot, then hold the bottle just halfway above the lighter (make sure there is no direct contact). Now scoop in some concentrates onto the red coil. Inhale the vapors through the bottle just like the hot knives method.
You just need to spread the weed on the rolling paper as usual and add the wax in the middle, ensuring that it doesn’t get too close to edges of the paper. Nicely roll up your joint and light it up, though you may find the rolling a bit difficult because of the sticky nature of the wax.
Smoking a joint is way harsher than using a dab rig. In fact, there is little chance of experiencing harsh smoke with a rig unless you dab at extremely high temperature. As long as you stick to lower temperatures then you won’t be getting throat irritation, nor unnecessary coughs throughout the dab session.
8 Simple Ways to Smoke Wax without a Dab Rig Smoking concentrated cannabis is on the rise, and many smokers love to use their wax using dab rigs. However, dab rigs are not the only tools that one