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how to care for marijuana seedlings

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How to Care for Seedlings After Germination
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Thirdly, give seedlings an environment with 57–67 percent relative humidity for the first 1–3 weeks of their lives. I’ve seen grow ops in Southern California (where outdoor humidity levels can be as low as 15 percent) that have indoor air so dry that seedlings died.

Those growers were forced to use humidity domes or humidifiers so that the next seedling crops survived.
But you want to be very conservative in how much and how often you feed them.

There are several supplements and nutrients you can use to encourage root growth:
You definitely don’t use your nutrients at full strength, or even half strength. When I’m using pH Perfect Connoisseur grow phase base nutrients, for example, I use only 10–15 percent of the full-strength dose.
I have three more tricks to help your seedlings survive. First, place a small oscillating fan so it blows the seedlings gently, from side to side. This will help to strengthen their stalks, so the plants grow to be sturdier later on.
Other than overwatering, which is a sure way to kill seedlings, over-fertilizing is also a leading cause of seedling failure.
If you intend to grow marijuana seedlings in soil, ask the soil manufacturer ahead of time if the soil you want to use is meant for seedlings.

With seedlings, less is more. Your plants can sometimes recover if you give them too few nutrients. But if you give them too high a dose, you burn their delicate young roots — and your cannabis seedlings will likely never recover.

Use these professional growing tips to increase root growth, health, vigor and the ultimate survival of your cannabis seedlings.