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how to care for cannabis seedlings

Those growers were forced to use humidity domes or humidifiers so that the next seedling crops survived.

When I first embarked on my grower career, if seedlings were intended for an outdoor garden, I used to place them in bright sun right away. Sad to say, I found out the hard way that direct sun was too much for the little guys, especially as I lived in high-UV areas at the time. I could see their leaves turn downward as they shrunk away from the beating sun. I learned that marijuana seedlings grown outdoors prefer mixed shade for the first 2–3 weeks of their lives.
You definitely don’t use your nutrients at full strength, or even half strength. When I’m using pH Perfect Connoisseur grow phase base nutrients, for example, I use only 10–15 percent of the full-strength dose.

Marijuana seedlings are very sensitive to chlorine, chloramine, pollution, pesticides, and other contaminants found in most municipal water supplies. Use reverse osmosis water and your sprouts will thank you for it.
Another tip is to use reverse osmosis water, rainwater, or tested and clean well water.
It makes a big difference if you’re growing in inert media such as rockwool, soilless mix or coco coir, in pure hydroponics such as deep water culture, or in soil.
When a seedling only has a few sets of true leaves (by “true leaves,” I mean leaves with serrated edges), it has minimal root development and can’t handle high nutrients doses.
If you intend to grow marijuana seedlings in soil, ask the soil manufacturer ahead of time if the soil you want to use is meant for seedlings.

  • Vitamin B, such as that found in a hydroponics product called B-52. For plants less than three weeks old, I only use 1–2 ml of this product per gallon of water, and I don’t use it every watering cycle. It contains small amounts of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, which are added benefits for early growth.
  • House & Garden Roots Excelurator: A high-priced but highly effective root stimulant product.
  • Beneficial bacteria and fungi. In nature, plant roots evolved with microbes that protect, stimulate and enhance roots. You can add those microbes into your root zone using hydroponics products made especially for marijuana. Such products include Advanced Nutrients’ Voodoo Juice, Tarantula and Piranha. I recommend 1–2 ml per gallon of water for each of these products, starting two days after your seedlings produce their first set of true leaves. As your seedlings gain leaves and height, begin to follow the manufacturer’s dosing instructions.

Use these professional growing tips to increase root growth, health, vigor and the ultimate survival of your cannabis seedlings.

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The seedlings have been growing really well. So much so that we had to go through and do a bit of clean up. At least that was the case. We forgot to water them and we left on the light for a whole weekend. That led to some of our seedlings drying out and dying. A problem which we address, along with some tips you should consider for maintaining your seedlings.
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