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how to build a cheap grow box

How to build a cheap grow box

Now, before I’ll tell you how to build a grow tent, I’d like to share some reason why making your own grow tent is actually a good idea and the key requirements to create a great grow tent.

This complete grow tent tutorial on YouTube is a complete guide on how you can set up a fully functional grow tent.
However, just like the hula hoop set up, you won’t be able to seal the grow tent in this tutorial. It means that it’s best to have this placed in a room where you can control the temperature.

Overall, this is still an easy and creative guide. You’ll also only need strong adhesives to assemble this grow tent.
Of course, I’d love to share them with you so if you want to get some great DIY grow Tent ideas , just read along.
You’ll need a double-sized canvas wardrobe for this. To make the inside walls reflective, you will be using a mylar reflective sheet that is around 3m long.
The writer of this guide uses a black and white poly to serve as your grow tent’s walls. There’s no carpentry involved. You just need a strong adhesive like duct tape to make this work.
You’ll also need some Velcro or cable wires to make sure that you manage your wirings well. Since the skeleton of this grow tent is a rack, expect that you can’t really grow tall plants in here.

The owner of this guide used ani industrial shelving unit for this project.

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