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how to be feminized

How to be feminized

“Applications that reduce the ethylene level in tissues or antagonise the action of ethylene causes the formation of male flowers instead of female ones” — Paraphrase, Byers et al., 1972.

  • Cover the top of the pot with plastic or card to catch pollen as it falls, or modify a plastic drink cup to shroud the plant and catch falling pollen.
  • Fix a clear plastic bag, perforated at the top for air exchange, around the whole plant.
  • An experienced eye will remove each flower pod prior to it bursting completely open to be sure of catching every spore.
  • Pollinating a female is the easy bit. Depending on how many seeds you want to make, there are a couple of methods that can be used.
  • Using a watercolour or other fine, soft brush or even a cotton bud, dip into your pollen collection and gently apply to the chosen flower. Although thousands of viable spores will be on the end of the brush, enough to pollinate a whole plant, the trichomes on the surface of the pistils will greedily glue everything you offer them. So dip into your pollen stash a few times as you dust.
  • For lots of seeds, put pollen in a bag and put over a whole branch or a whole plant, shake well, and leave for twenty four hours.
  • It is possible to pollinate different branches with different pollens and have a breeder plant that has 1, 2, or 15 different crosses on it.
  • It is also possible to self-pollinate the plant from which the male parts were created. This won’t produce as many seeds as pollinating a separate plant because less female flowers are produced and many are nonviable because of the feminization process.

Be sure the strength is at least 15ppm, preferably 30ppm. Less than 15ppm produces male sacs with little viable pollen.

To begin with, select a plant that has the characteristics you want to preserved. Feminizing clones is the usual practice as the growth, flowering, and resin characteristics from the mother are already known. There is no need for any vegetation time once a clone is well-rooted. Simply pot the clone into a small pot, give it a day or two to recover, and begin a 12-12 light cycle right away. A pollen-producing plant only needs to be small as cannabis produces copious amounts of pollen.
The general practice behind feminization is that female plants are forced to produce pollen, which is in turn used to pollinate other female plants. The outcome? Resulting seeds will be feminized, with no risk of further pollination.
The easiest and relatively inexpensive way—considering how much money is potentially saved by not growing resource and time-consuming males—is to buy a colloidal silver generator, which is the no-fuss plug and play option. Or, make your own, which is quite straightforward and doesn’t require any special skill.
Treat feminized seeds as you would any other seed from germination to veg, and veg through flower. Observation is where it’s at now, you want the best plants for your garden. Ideally, setting up a separate vegetation/flower space where a number of plants can be grown lets your standard grow space continue with uninterrupted production.
Growing from feminized cannabis seeds is a space and resource-efficient way of getting all girls, all the time. Find out how to create your own feminized cannabis with Royal Queen Seeds.

Growing cannabis is all about resinous flowers, trichomes, and rich cannabinoid profiles. These splendid characteristics can only be found on the female flowers. Having gardens full of robust, un-pollinated sinsemilla females means jars full of mind and body-friendly, crusty nuggets.

Feminized cannabis seeds only produce female plants, which has a number of advantages. Find out how to do it with Royal Queen Seeds.

They were calling the app “hilarious” a lot: It was “funny,” and that’s why they did it. The humor of the experience seemed to be an attempt to hide something. So I pried, interrogating them about why they had wanted to feminize their faces, and how they felt sharing her with other people.

James explained that some men may be comfortable digitally feminizing themselves, but would draw a line at wearing makeup or women’s clothing in real life. FaceApp images can be deleted, he explained, but although makeup can be wiped off, “it takes longer than just hitting the delete button.” The thing that makes digital feminization more palatable is that it doesn’t require a physical act.
At 5 PM on a Thursday we descended to the dark, dank space. Several normal-seeming people texted on stools. Four men wearing khaki and puka shells played beer pong in the back. After ordering sodas and nervously chatting between ourselves, Leila and I made several failed attempts to convince men to let us feminize them. As predicted, it was harder to find willing participants here. But then a tightknit group of four college-age guys—Andy, Brandon, Corey, and Kevin, names all changed—trotted down the stairs from 2nd Avenue.

“But what would you do?” Andy asked him, practically shouting at this point.
I asked Brandon how he felt about seeing his face mutate into that of a beautiful woman. “Listen,” he said. “Put it in perspective of, like, Oedipus: I like girls that look like my mom.”
Photo Courtesy of Taji Ameen via FaceApp
I was taking a break at my desk when I saw them: The feminized faces of straight men were streaming into my timeline like the Glacier Freeze Gatorade I was in the process of pouring into a cup over ice. Blue beverage splashed onto my workspace. I looked to my colleague in astonishment and she nodded slowly. “I’ve seen it, too,” she told me. Men have been digitally feminizing themselves.
Brandon, who was 6’4″ and really hot, had been sitting on his bar stool observing Andy and me. “What’s your agenda?” Brandon said, tilting his head toward me. “My agenda,” I replied, “is to see how you feel about your faces.” When I feminized Brandon, he totally transformed—from a pretty masculine-looking dude into a full-faced angel.

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