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how much is purple kush

How much is purple kush

Purple Kush plants will need to be cured by hanging them bottom side up in a space of 50% humidity at a temperature of 21 Celsius for about 7 days. The resulting yield can be stored in jars under similar conditions of temperature and humidity.

Purple Kush causes very little stimulation or anxiety. On ingestion, the mind and body are put at ease and relaxed by a strong couchlock body high and a content, relaxed flow of thought. Enjoyment of touch and music is increased. There is a sense of peace and contentment. The buzzed, relaxed state persists for up to 3 hours. Purple Kush will stimulate appetite, cause relaxation, and help induce sleepiness before bed.
Purple Kush boasts bright green and purple leaf and flower with bursting flavor. It has middle size flowers and tightly packed buds. The purple color comes from a response to cold in the leaves inherited from its purple Afghani parent. Purple Kush has an earthy woody smell that blossoms into fruity flavors of sweet grape when smoked. The taste of Purple Kush is a real treat. Though it looks striking and tastes great, it still packs the punch of a strain bred for maximal effect rather than aesthetics. It is a smart choice to wind down after a long day or week.

Marijuana Purple Kush Strain Review
Purple Kush is a potent blend of Hindu and Afghani Indica pot. It was created in Oakland California. Purple Kush boasts 100 % Indica genetics and provides a very relaxing, sedating, stoned high. It has a moderate to the high amount of THC at 17 to 27%. Purple Kush produces a very sticky resin making it an excellent choice for producing concentrates like shatter and Rosin Tech wax. The dense flowers are full of trichomes. This creates a fuzzy white sheen in the flowers, studded with beautiful psychedelic-looking orange pistons.
Purple Kush plants are bushy and stout. These plants can grow outside or indoors and must be cloned. An indoor set up will allow for maximal control of growing conditions which is pivotal with this strain. A hydroponic set-up works well. You will want to keep a mother plant for ongoing planting and harvesting. Flower Power fertilizer can provide all the nutrients your plant needs. Purple Kush plants will grow to be less than 3 feet tall. To bring out the purple hues, caused by pigments containing anthocyanins, the grower will methodically introduce some cold temperatures to the plant to cause an autumn-like coloring of the leaves. This should be done just before harvest so as not to stunt the plants’ growth. Purple Kush takes 8 weeks to flower. Outdoor plants will flower in late September. These plants will yield about 40 grams of product per square foot. The bushy plant will need to be pruned to guarantee a perfect distribution of light and nutrients across the plant.
Purple Kush is valuable as an anxiolytic, to treat anxiety and depression. The strong relaxation and body high also lends itself to treating chronic pain such as in fibromyalgia or acute temporary pain from sprains, sore joints, or pulled muscles. The relaxation effects are strong enough that Purple Kush is sometimes used to treat insomnia. It also works very well for nausea.
The thc content may be as high as 27%, yet the Indica properties makes for a strong relaxing euphoria feeling rather than stimulation.

These plants like to be fed a lot. Their flashy display and strong flavors and aromas takes considerable nutrients to maintain.

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