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how much does blue dream stretch in flower

How much does blue dream stretch in flower

The aroma / smell of this variety recalls onto / is Sweet Floral Fruity Spicy Herbs Pepper Pine

3 seeds, 2 davon eher kurz BB pheno, und ein grpßer Haze peno mit super yield . geschmack und wirkung echt top.
Hatte vor etwa 2 Jahren 5 feminisierte Samen. Keimquote 4/5. Unter den vier Pflanzen war keine einzige, die ihr Geld wert gewesen wäre. 3 Pflanzen waren unterdurchschnittliche Blueberry-Indica Verschnitte, mit eher schlechtem Ertrag, keinem besonderen Aroma und mittelmäßigem Hartzbesatz. Die verbliebene Pflanze wuchs höher, hatte schmalere Sonnensegel und kam dem Erscheinungsbild einer klassischen Sativa deutlich näher. Leider auch hier weder guter Ertrag noch gutes Aroma. Obendrein litt die Pflanze unter chronischem Hartzmangel.

Pheno 1 ist eine gute Mischung aus Beiden,
Hatte aber unter Stress ein paar Hermis im unteren Drittel.
Das Aroma ist unglaublich fruchtig-beerig-hazig.
Die Wirkung ist leicht indica-dominant,
aber sonst eine richtig gute Mischung aus stoned und high.
Höhe: 110-120 cm ,Blütezeit ca. 70 Tage
In 2013 I bought 3 seeds and got an incredible result – all 3 plants were amazing and produced a big yield of the highest class: psychedelic, intense and deep.
In 2019 I decided to try it one more time. The result is a disaster. I’ve got completely different plants with a very small yield. The high is very primitive, not interesting and very weak. Probably, it was the worse crop I ever had. It’s a low-class grass, totally not recommended.
Unfortunately, it loks like HSO is losing it’s positions. Other growers also report dissatisfaction with some other strain. Currently i’m germinating 3 seeds of other HSO strains, and all of them weak.
i think it’s time to move further. Goodbye, HSO! (09.02.2020, 22:29)
The keeper is a 10 week strain, super high yield and nice happy, uplifting high, even gives you the giggles. It is a bit finicky with both environment and nutrients. I have found it can be fed regularly up until about half way through flowering when I need to back off the nutes.
good work, Humboldt S.O. (31.12.2014, 11:44)
Based on other reports/info I expected this to be a fairly vigorous hybrid with a fair share of sativa traits and interesting colors/smells/taste.
Decided to give it a try and germinated 5 feminized seeds.
All 5 popped and the seedlings started off nice and vigorous, but soon showed very fat leaves, sign of an indica-dominant plant.
Very homogenous strain; all five plants looked pretty much alike, with short internodes, bushy structure and dark, fat leaves.
Two out of five smelled expecially sweet-fruity and delicious, but then again they were pure Blueberry traits, nothing much different.
Also, just like Blueberry, the plants were not difficult to grow but still quite finicky as they would be the only ones in a variegated garden to occasionally signal any deficiencies.
All in all not impressed at all with this strain; it does have some pretty lovely characteristics but nothing more and nothing different than a Blueberry.In fact, it prompted be to grow actual Blueberry next time around.
Kept clones of the two sweetest smelling ones and will try and run them again with a longer veg to see if something more can be pulled out of them.
I’ve seen some pretty decent phenos grown by other people but frankly looked nothing like mines.
I might have been expecially unlucky and got five indica-leaning phenos out of a five-beans pack but there is that. (16.07.2016, 16:10)

Auf den Fotos sieht man Pheno 2.
grow bio! (07.08.2015, 17:48)

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