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how much does bat guano cost

The chemical nutrient value of Ecoland Guano’s Angolan property has been reported by PHOSYN Laboratories 2004 as:

Forward Looking Statement
Nutrient Quality of Ecoland Organic High-Grade Phosphorus Fertilizer

The Global Fertilizer Market: A multi-billion dollar market that consists of such other public companies as Potash Corp of Saskatchewan Inc (which recently had a takeover bid by BHP Billiton for just over $38 billion), organic Asian fertilizer companies such as Yongye International (YONG), China Green Agriculture, Inc. CGA, and others that focus on the humic acid and organic fertilizer market. Ecoland International is unique in its pure application of organic fertilizer from the African Continent in the form of slow release natural high-grade phosphorus fertilizer. Within China there is estimated 10.1 people to every acre of arable land, within Europe there are 5.3 people to every acre of arable land, and within the US, there are 1.3 people to every acre of arable land. The UN sees the global population swelling from 6.8 billion today to 9.1 billion in four decades. Naturally, that kind of growth also calls for food increases and greater demand for one of the major aids in growing crops: Fertilizer.
The nutrients found in dry bar cave bat guano are the same that are artificially added to modern chemical fertilizer, including nitrogen, phosphates, potassium, calcium and magnesium. As an added bonus, bat guano also contains other beneficial trace elements that are non-chemical and are naturally occurring through the breakdown process, with no man-made interventions. Dry Bar Cave Bat Guano is a natural product and contains no synthetic chemicals used in general fertilizers and is suited to organic farming that requires only naturally occurring products be used to produce organic crops.
What market does Ecoland currently cater to?
Ecoland International is endeavouring to acquire and secure additional properties for organic fertilizers, as Dry Bar Cave Bat Guano cannot be made, the deposits must be found, acquired, and managed.
Gardening and Outdoor Living Market: The global gardening and outdoor living market in 2008 had a value of $167.5 billion (bn) and this is forecasted to have a value of $183.1 billion (bn) in 2013, an increase of 9.3% since 2008. The Global market consists of the Americas at $ 65.4 bn (39.0%), Europe at $65.8 bn (39.3%) and Asia-Pacific at $36.3 bn (21.7%).

How much Guano does Ecoland currently have rights to?

CHANDLER, Ariz., Oct. 20, 2010 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Ecoland International, Inc.

Indoor: At the beginning each plant receives 20 g of hubey® Bat-Guano bat fertilizer and 20 g per plant one week before flowering. For existent plants, incorporate hubey® Bat-Guano bat fertilizer as deep as possible into the soil and cover it with soil.

Acceleration of rooting (ideal for cuttings) and flowering.
Increased defense function in the vegetation against bacteria.
Use for indoor and outdoor.
Powerful, practical, odorless.
Faster dosage and easy to dissolve in water.
Since hubey® Bat-Guano is a 100% organic natural product, the NPK values ??can vary from batch to batch. The NPK value of 1 – 10 – 1 is a minimum value contained in the product.

hubey® Bat Guano bat fertilizer is just as well suited for indoor pot-growing as it is for outdoor cultivation.
Centuries ago, the Incas used the natural power source bat fertilizer, the perfect flower fertilizer for the breeding of annuals with a high nutrient uptake.
For the enrichment of the growth fertilizer N (nitrogen) we recommend worm humus.
Mix in soil: 1 kg hubey® Bat-Guano is sufficient for 100-150 liters of potting soil. Before potting, mix hubey® Bat Guano bat fertilizer with potting soil.
Outdoor: In May each plant gets 50 g of hubey® Bat-Guano bat fertilizer and in July (a few weeks before flowering) again 50 g per plant.
hubey® Bat Guano bat fertilizer consists of a balanced combination of macro- and micronutrients as well as enzymes. This combination promotes the positive development of soil bacteria. Adding hubey® MT mix accelerates and improves this process.
hubey® Bat Guano bat fertilizer ensures oversized fruits and flowers, improves the taste and aroma, accelerates rooting and increases the plant’s defense function.

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hubey® bat-guano powder bat fertilizer 100% organic natural fertilizer for oversized fruits and flowers increases the yield improves rooting improves