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how long does it take to get unhigh

Cannabis is a combination of hundreds of cannabinoids, but the two you should know are cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

There are as many answers to the question how long does being high last as there are methods of consuming cannabis. Here’s how different consumption methods can impact your experience as well as how long your high will last.
The more cannabis you consume, the higher you’ll get. Where it gets a little confusing is determining how the type weed you’re consuming will affect you.

Ingesting cannabis edibles is a bit different than the previous two methods. This high will take longer to hit you and will have a far longer lasting high. These factors are mostly dependent on the amount you consume and the potency of the edibles.
Smoking out of a pipe, bong, blunt, joint or vaping cannabis are the most common consumption methods. After inhaling, you will begin to fully feel the effects of marijuana after about 10-30 minutes.
THC is the main psychoactive ingredient in cannabis. In short, this means that strains of cannabis with a large THC percentage will make you feel higher than those with a low percentage of THC.
Whether you’re going to be trying cannabis for the first time or simply want to know if that high you’re riding will wear off before work, it’s a good idea to educate yourself on the effects of weed. At some point, you’re bound to ask yourself how long does being high last? And when you do, you’ll be glad to have a little extra info on your side.
Luckily for you cannabis lovers who fondly recall your first memories of smoking, tolerance begins to fall back to normal levels after 2 days of abstinence and is almost completely restored after 4 weeks.

Most cannabis enthusiasts are aware that it takes more weed to get high after trying cannabis for the first time. This trend, known as tolerance, builds as you continue to smoke.

The intensity and duration of your high will differ depending on your tolerance and consumption method, as well as the quantity and quality of weed that you smoked. Here's what to expect the next time you're wondering "how long does being high last?"

How long does it take to get unhigh

Some people feel retarded for like a week after they smoke.

Weed is hallucinogenic and therefore very, very subjective. It could take anywhere from one hour to like six hours.
How long does it take someone to sober up after they smoke weed?

If you’re going to smoke weed, just free up 2 hours and you should be fine to continue activity. Anything after that is just part of the comedown and you should be well able to act sober and function to almost max cognitively. So smoke your weed and enjoy my friend.
It depends on your genetics, your state of mind, how good the weed is, how strong the weed is, what strain type (indica or sativa), and about 50 other variables.
Smoking weed will incapacitate you for about an hour and a half before you actually find yourself able to act sober. Weed will never last for 6 hours and can almost always be slept off. No matter what strain of weed you’re smoking, from regular to white rhino, you shouldn’t be on your *** for more than 2 hours unless you’re mixing other drugs in the equation.
If you just take a couple hits then there’s a good chance you’ll be back to baseline in a few hours.
Don’t listen to Frankie V. Listen to me, because I actually know.

I’ve smoked more weed in my life than jredwood. I can guarantee that. Weed can make you burn out (especially beasters and mids), so you’ll be feeling the burnout up to 6 hours later. Sometimes you burn out, sometimes you don’t. As for the high itself, it probably won’t last more than 2 hours, but there can be after-effects.

How long does it take someone to sober up after they smoke weed?