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how long does it take to germinate weed seeds

Note: be careful with leaving the seeds in the water for more than 36 hours. If you do that, seeds can get a lack of oxygen, drown and rot.

Maybe you have some stored weed seeds in your possession or you bought some fresh ones via Weedseedsexpress. Either way, when posses have cannabis seeds and you want to start off, you probably want to know how to germinate weed seeds properly.
Weedseedsexpress sells cannabis seeds for indoor and outdoor growing. Our seeds are generally easy to germinate, but because you are dealing with a product from nature, you need to skillfully address the germination process. Moreover, sprouting weed seeds in a successful way requires patience.

Seeds that haven’t germinated after 24 hours will need extra time. Provide these seeds with another additional 24 hours and repeat step 5 by keeping the paper towel wet. Check again after 24 hours whether these seeds have germinated. In rare case, sprouting can take up to 168 hours.

  1. Drop the cannabis seeds in a cup with lukewarm water and place the cup in a dark room for 18 to 36 hours. Wait until the seeds start to crack a bit before you apply the paper towel method.
  2. Put two layers of paper towel on a plate and spray the paper wet with a plant spray.
  3. Pour your seeds carefully on the wet paper towel, place a new paper towel over it and spray the paper wet. Make sure that the seeds are in contact with the wet paper towels.
  4. Take another plate and place it upside down on the plate with the seeds so that you create a dark space. However, do not exactly align the edges of the plates. The seeds need oxygen to germinate. Check every 5 to 8 hours if the paper towel has not dried out and spray water again if necessary.
  5. Check after 24 hours if the seeds have germinated. If not just let them germinate for another 24 hours. Note: some seeds need 48 to 72 hours to germinate but it can even take 168 hours (7 days). Patience is therefore required.

Are all the seeds neatly in place? Then grab another double paper towel. Spray the kitchen paper a little damp and place the paper over the first sheet of kitchen paper where the seeds are on. Once the paper is in place, spray the paper again so that the wet paper towel makes good contact with the seeds. This is very important to let the seeds germinate well.
Note: because the seeds need oxygen to germinate, the edges of the plates may not lie exactly on top of each other. Then place the double plate with seeds for 24 hours in a dark room with a constant temperature of 21° to 25°. Check every 5 to 8 hours if the paper is not dehydrated, without removing the top layer. Spray the paper again if necessary. This is very important. When the seeds become too dry, they can die and never germinate.
Put the glass with the seeds for a maximum of 18 to 36 hours in a dark room with a temperature of 21° to 25°. In the meantime, check if the cannabis seeds are all sunk. Are some seeds still floating? Try pushing the cannabis seeds down again carefully.

Your seeds will eventually sink to the bottom. This happens normally after a few hours. In most cases the seeds have sunk to the bottom of the glass after 14 to a maximum of 24 hours and some are cracked open. Sometimes not all seeds are cracked open yet, but you won’t have to panic. In step 2 these cannabis seeds are further stimulated to sprout.

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