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how do you do smoke tricks

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These are much easier to follow than watching your friend do a smoke trick over and over. Tutorials break down everything you need to do, from how big of a pull is needed to the way you hold the smoke. They specify the shape your mouth needs to be in and what your tongue should do, too.
Smoke rings have the potential to wow first-time vapers and experienced smokers alike. It’s a simple trick that really comes down to the delivery.
Your Guide to Doing Awesome Smoke Tricks
Being a master vaper is not only about finding the right vape pen and good quality vape juice. It’s about knowing how to tell great juice from average products and how to do a few smoke tricks, too.
Posted by Slo Co on Mar 1st 2018
To blow O’s, take a big pull and let the smoke settle in the back of your throat. Then, put your lips into the shape of a ring and gently puff out the smoke little by little.
To go from a total beginner to a confident vape trickster, focus on this smoke tricks list.
It begins with a classic O then transforms into something much cooler. You have to blow out a thick O then slightly push it away from your face with your hands. From there, lean in and forcefully inhale with your mouth, trying to get the top of the circle.
Trying to learn some new smoke tricks or vape tricks? Well here is a step by step guide to help you along your way.