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how do u spell souvenir

How do u spell souvenir

What’s The Difference Between “i.e.” vs. “e.g.”?

The Most Common Words In Every Boy Band Song
This volume forms a superb gift-book and souvenir of the Holy Land.

“Don’t you want one of the windows for a souvenir ,” joked the Southerner.
After the ceremony, the Greek gave back the ten grand and kept what was left of the dollar for a souvenir .
And more than anything, I wanted a souvenir for my father, so I rolled him back, and he had gold teeth.
He then jokes about the legal risks of keeping the butt as a souvenir for back home.
Here is a love-billet from some simpleton, with a knife as a souvenir ; sharpen it on the Arbicos.

She lived out her life selling his clothes to souvenir hunters and people like that.

Souvenir definition, a usually small and relatively inexpensive article given, kept, or purchased as a reminder of a place visited, an occasion, etc.; memento. See more.