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homemade weed detox drink

Homemade weed detox drink

But this is such a potent detox drink that the bottle size is much smaller than the other options in the market.

4. Coffee
To wrap things up, the most organic approach to detox your system is by drinking water and lemon juice. Lemon is a natural acid that detoxifies the body in an all-organic way.

2. Rescue Detox Ice
One of the better detox drinks, Clear Cleanse by Clear Choice is a standout among the options currently available in the market. While many detox drinks have unpredictable outcomes, this is not one of those.
This is a cheap alternative to some of the other detox drinks out there. It is advisable to drink some sort of energy drink with coffee, as well as take vitamin B supplements.
It is best to take Vitamin B with the drink so the discoloration in your pee can be reduced.
After urinating a few times, you should be all clear.

5. Cranberry Juice

Here are eight of the best detox drinks to help you pass a marijuana drug test.