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homemade dab rig

Smear some wax onto a piece of aluminum foil. Roll the foil into a ball with the wax inside and not able to be hit with direct flame. Toss in any bowl and flame lightly.

Has anyone made any of these successfully? I’ve been thinking about it, and was wondering if maybe using certain metal nails along with washers or some shit could potentially allow you to heat the nail and dab. I don’t personally dab (can’t afford wax), but would love to see some homemade rigs if anyone’s got ’em.
Crack pipes are too dang fragile for my klutzy, high self

Steamrollers work great.
ok all you need is a water or soda bottle and 2 butter knives. the bottom of the bottle. heat up one of the knives on the stove and put your dab on the other knife. put bottle in your mouth and then touch the dab to the hot knife and inhale via bottle. easy dabs like 1 2 3.
Hot knives isn’t exactly a “home made dab rig”, but works hella good!
Edit: I use a customized CannaStick mostly, but make foil balls when I clean the gear. It’s a great fall back method for emergencies, also.
My personal favorite method doesnt involve any kind of equipment at all, and makes a one time use rig. Obtain any plastic water bottle, and cut a 1/2 inch hole in the side as shown. Have a lit cigarette ready, with the ash blown off so just the cherry is exposed. Break off a dab (doesnt matter how big, as long as it isnt so big that it will put our the cigarette), and put it on a table/rolling tray. Use the end of the lit cig to pick up the dab, and you will see and smell the dab smoke almose immediatly. put it inside the hole you cut in the water bottle, and wait for the water bottle to fill up with dab smoke, and take out the cig. uncap the water bottle and inhale. Perfect easy one time use dab rig!

I used to dab with a paper clip and a pen tube. Heat up paper clip, place dab, suck through pen. Perfectly bunk.

r/StonerEngineering: You give a few pot heads a bunch of weed and nothing to smoke out of and they suddenly become engineers. It's amazing.

Homemade dab rig

With names such as shatter , budder, badder , wax, crumble , sugar , sauce , and crystalline , the many types of concentrates turn dispensaries into curators of taste. It’s no surprise that the concentrate category has seen expansive growth over the years. While these product types only accounted for 10% of the legal cannabis market in 2014, it ballooned to about 27% in 2018 and is expected to reach $8.5 billion by 2022, according to a 2018 report by BDS Analytics and ArcView Market Research.

When we’re talking about high-end dab rigs, the discussion is going to revolve around customization and aesthetics. Social media are also a terrific resource for finding custom dab rigs made from highly talented glass blowers.
If you want to take your dab rig game to the next level, there are a number of reputable glass manufacturers that will surely garner cred from your true cannabis-loving companions. Some of the most beloved dab rig producers include Grav , Bougie Glass , Diamond Glass , Glob Squad , and many others. Compared with the dab rigs in the budget segment, these higher end pieces sport a more complex design and are made of higher-quality glass.

Look for a simple dab rig that doesn’t seem too flimsy. Make sure the glass is moderately thick and has at least one percolator to filter the cannabis concentrate byproducts. You can find dab rigs priced on the more affordable side, usually about $30 to $40, at your local headshop or through online glass sellers such as DankGEEK or 420 Sciences .
If you decide to shell out some extra cash for a dab rig from a reputable brand, you can find some truly fascinating pieces that will distinguish you from other glass collectors. Take this fiercely horned Banger Hanger Dab Rig from Bouge Glass or the uniquely shaped Rigception by Diamond Glass as examples of what a couple of hundred dollars can net you on the dab rig market.
If you’re curious consumer or a longtime stoner who smokes flower but wants to dabble in the world of dabbing , you’ll probably want to start off with an affordable dab rig. It’s important to balance price with quality, however, or else you might end up with a lesser-quality rig and an unsatisfying dabbing experience.
As adult-use and medical cannabis legalization has led to a rapidly growing marijuana industry, there have been many innovations in the world of weed, but arguably none among them has changed the way we consume more than the cannabis concentrate.
While vape pens have become a wildly popular way to consume concentrates, primarily for their ease of use and discretion, many seasoned stoners prefer to vaporize their highly potent concentrates with a dab rig . With a similar design to the traditional bong, a dab rig is usually made of borosilicate glass and utilizes a nail or banger instead of a bowl.

These dab rigs are made by, from left: Bronx Glass , Clean & Clear Glass , and dab rig by local artist from Peake ReLeaf . (Photo by Gina Coleman/Weedmaps)

How to Make a Dab Rig Kit As adult-use and medical cannabis legalization has led to a rapidly growing marijuana industry, there have been many innovations in the world of weed, but