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hindu purp

Hindu purp

I’ve been having trouble writing this review because each time I try some Purple Hindu Kush, I lose my motivation and drift off to sleep. Twice, I’ve awakened in the morning with half of my second bowl left. This is not a good morning varietal; it could definitely derail your day.

Can’t sleep? Purple Hindu Kush might be able to help.
If you are new to cannabis and want to try to smoke before bed to help you fall and stay asleep, I recommend trying it on a weekend first. That way you can see how you feel in the morning without worrying about work and adjust how much you use and when you use it before you try it out on a work night.

Kush is a well-known variety that originated in the Kashmir and Jammu regions of Pakistan and Afghanistan. Strains with “Kush” in the name are known for being potent and may be at least partly responsible for giving stoners negative reputation — slow, drowsy, lazy. In fact, Kush’s notoriety is such that Republican Congressman Mark Kirk of Illinois proposed a bill in 2009 to increase criminal penalties for “Kush” strains, while warning of “zombie-like” pot smokers stumbling around the streets of Chicago, high on “kush super-marijuana.”
Price: $10/gram
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Like sleeping pills, I recommend being able to devote eight hours to sleep when you smoke before bed. If hangovers remain a problem after eight hours of sleep, cut back the amount consumed or try a less potent, lower THC-content strain. At 20% THC, Purple Hindu Kush is considered fairly low-strength these days and would be a good strain to start with, but you may need to ask around and try a few strains before you find one that works well for you.
Cannabis Hangover?

Purple Hindu Kush is a classic Indica Kush. Consider yourself warned.

Purple Hindu Kush might put you to sleep (cannabis review) Can’t sleep? Purple Hindu Kush might be able to help. (Alison Gary/Special to The Oregonian) Can’t sleep? Purple Hindu Kush