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highest yielding strains 2017

Highest yielding strains 2017

Flowering time: 50 – 65 days (45 – 50 days for the Automatic)

This high-yielding variety is the perennial favourite for gigantic colas of the kind which, back in the 1980s, were known as ‘donkey dicks’. Big Bud began its career as an Afghan x Skunk clone line which, thanks to the Sensi Seeds breeders, has been refined, back-crossed, reinforced and fine-tuned to result in one of the highest yielding strains on the planet.
It’s virtually impossible to say “this is the highest yielding strain!” and please everyone. So instead, Sensi Seeds has chosen four varieties that cover the bases of the most frequently requested characteristics.

Big Bud (regular, feminized, automatic)
At 55% sativa and 45% indica, Fruity Juice sits on the cusp of the cannabis spectrum. An extraordinary combination of Thai and Afghan genetics, it has been one of the strains that has taken the longest to perfect because of the very different natures of its parent plants. Once it reached its finished form, however, it became a favourite among those in the know.
Fruity Juice (regular)
For so many growers, the highest yielding strains are the holy grail of cannabis cultivation. The question “what are your biggest yielding varieties?” is such a perennial one that we’re devoting an entire article to answering it, rather than just an FAQ – and because this is Sensi Seeds, there’s more than one answer!
Of these four massive bud producers, two come in three expressions – regular, feminized, and automatic; one is available in regular and feminized; and the last is available only in regular. So despite this article focusing on four different strains of high-yielding cannabis, there are actually nine types of seeds to choose from!

Flowering time: 50 – 60 days

Big, bigger, biggest, XXL! Our highest yielding strains in one handy article! There’s something for everyone, whether the most important characteristic (after harvest size, obviously) is indica, sativa, balanced hybrid, or price. There’s even a perfect choice for beginners!

Highest yielding strains 2017

The quality of Blue Dream varies widely depending on how it was grown, hence why so many connoisseurs steer toward other genetics. As a popular high-yielding strain, many cultivators grow Blue Dream as a cash crop without putting enough attention towards the quality of the product. Try finding a quality Blue Dream and see if this changes your opinion.

There’s a reason why this award-winning hybrid remains popular since its birth in the 90s. Not only is this strain a heavy yielder, White Widow is resilient toward mold and pests, and flowering wraps up in just eight to nine weeks. White Widow fares best in indoor gardens, so find some seeds and watch this plant take off.
This strain will thrive either indoors or outdoors, with a favorable flowering time of just eight weeks. For this reason, Purple Trainwreck is a hit for light-deprivation greenhouses or growers looking to harvest early in the fall.

Having been bred for outdoor farming in California, Blue Dream reaches its full potential under the sun. It responds well to a Mediterranean climate and takes off vertically. Blue Dream grows lanky and tall, but produces dense buds which help to make its yields exceptional.
White Widow is a famous Amsterdam hybrid that was created by crossing landrace strains from Southern India and Brazil. Now famous worldwide, White Widow is known for its impressive resin production and powerful euphoria. Consumers may celebrate its effects, but growers celebrate White Widow’s large yields.
While this is a short list of popular, high-yielding strains, there are so many others out there begging to be discovered, grown, and celebrated. As farming tactics and technology improve, yields will continue to increase. But don’t forget that behind any high-yielding crop is a capable farmer who pays attention to his or her plant’s needs.
Generally grown indoors, Cheese Quake will grow fast and big. Top this plant early on in vegetation to help it grow into a bushy shape. Low stress training (LST) and pruning will help keep this plant headed towards an epic yield of quality buds.
Another outdoor California classic, Purple Trainwreck is famous for its high yields and ease of growing. This strain was created by the Humboldt Seed Organization by crossing the longtime favorite Trainwreck with Mendocino Purps. The resulting hybrid holds onto both Trainwreck’s wonderful aroma and effects and Mendo Purp’s weight and resilience. Purple Trainwreck offers a euphoric and uplifting high, making it a perfect strain for entry-level consumers looking for a mellow experience.

Which heavy yielders would you add to this list? Drop a comment below for other curious growers.

When cultivating cannabis, growers aim to produce a potent, fragrant bud–and ideally, lots of it. Consider sowing these strains if you’re looking to achieve a bigger harvest this year.