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high times cup winners

1st Place: NW (“Northwest) Kind – Cascade Chronic (x Moto P)
2nd Place: Higher Cultures – Zamoaz Live Resin Sugar
3rd Place: Sterling Gold – Double Limeade Live Resin

1st Place: Willamette Valley Alchemy – P-Tang Pie Live Sauce (x Rogue Farmer)
2nd Place: Capital Cannabis – Sequioa Berry Diamonds
3rd Place: Higher Cultures – In The Pines Live Resin Sauce
1st Place: Yerba Buena – Dr. Leveque
2nd Place: Green Dragon – Critical Mass (Green Dragon Gardens)
3rd Place: Serra / Pruf Cultivar – Astral Works (Pruf Cultivar)

1st Place: Willamette Valley Alchemy – Sour Tangie Liquid Live Resin (LLR) Cart (x Fox Hollow Flora)
2nd Place: Happy Cabbage Farms – Ice Cream Cake Live Rosin Cart
3rd Place: Drop Science – Purple Martian Cart
1st Place: Cloud Cover Cannabis – Strawnana
2nd Place: Phresh Cannabis – Ghost Train Haze
3rd Place: Heroes of the Farm – Herer of the Dog
1st Place: Siskiyou Sungrown – 1:1 Mint MCT Tincture
2nd Place: Angel Industries – Angel Hemp CBD Tincture
3rd Place: Hapy Kitchen – Coffeelicious Caramel
1st Place: Higher Cultures – Marionberry Kush Canary Diamonds
2nd Place: Sterling Gold – Tropical Sleigh Ride Live Resin
3rd Place: Decibel Farms – Banana Pie Terp Diamonds (x Calyx)
1st Place: Phresh Cannabis – Cuvee Cookies
2nd Place: 17 Farms – Ice Cream Cake
3rd Place: PDX Organics – Platinum Candy Mintz

1st Place: Deschutes Growery – Mac #1 (Capulator)
2nd Place: Phresh Cannabis – Sundae Driver
3rd Place: Heroes of the Farm – Interspecies Erotica

Congratulations to the winners of the 2019 Oregon Cannabis Cup!