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What to do if you see hermie marijuana plants depends on your personal grow situation. There is no generic answer.
3. Some buds go hermie in late bloom phase.

Regular marijuana seeds produce male and female marijuana plants, with most growers finding that they get slightly more females than males. Unless a grower is breeding marijuana strains, the grower…
During two decades of growing and networking with other cannabis growers, I’ve seen hermies a couple dozen times out of hundreds of gardens I’ve either run or visited. Having examined the conditions of the grow op and the plants’ genetic origins, as well as keeping track of what I and other growers witnessed and correlated, outlined below is a summary of the causes of marijuana hermaphrodites. Note that one of these causes, or a combination of two or more, can be to blame.
I was able to complete that hermie-haunted grow op with 22 plants that yielded non-seeded buds. I breathed a sigh of relief when I saw that I’d caught the hermaphrodite marijuana floral structures in time, and removed that threat from my grow room so that no pollen reached my non-hermie plants.
When your plants have early floral structures, examine them using a magnifying device, from top to bottom on a daily basis, even though it’s a hassle and costs you time.
4. Stressed plants.

Some growers might not have killed their hermie plants in that situation. In the past, I tried a tactic that included removing all the male structures from hermie plants and examining them every day to see if more develop. They always do.

Hermaphrodite marijuana plants, also known as hermies, are a plague in your bloom phase. Here’s how to detect, prevent and manage them in your grow op.

Cannabis in temperate climates begin to show his sexual identity by the end of July (end of January in the southern hemisphere) in different dates according to the varieties, Marijuana being the resinous flower of female cannabis plants intended for seed production, in absence of pollen buds turns out pure sensimilla weed and is gentle and sweet to smoke.

Male Flowers
Early on male flowers look a bit like small bunches of mini green bananas or grapes. These bunches are actually sacs where the pollen forms. Later on these sacs open, push back their tepals, like petals but not, and release their pollen. Male flowers contain little THC and their pollen can make people unwell. Like hermaphrodites males are best dumped.

Female Characteristics
Females tend to be shorter and bushier than male plants. They usually take 7 to 21 days to change from growing to flowering when placed on a flowering light cycle.
It is very important to get rid of male plants on time, as they are unwanted pollen carriers. By the early flowering stage male cannabis, if compared to female’s, shows quite a different structure but the characteristic excrescencies would be the sex indicator this are called primordia and will emerge by the side of the third or fourth internodes in the main stem.
Male cannabis plants
Male cannbis plants are often, but not always, tall with stout stems, sporadic branching and few leaves. Males are usually harvested except those used for breeding, after their sex has been determined, but before the pollen is shed. When harvesting, especially if close to females, cut the cannabis plant off at the base, taking care to shake the male as little as possible. This helps prevent any accidental pollination by an unnoticed, open male flower. When a male enters the stage of flower development, the tips of the branches where a bud would develop will start to grow what looks like a little bud [little balls] but it will have no white hairs coming out of it.
Light and Flowering
Once cannabis plants are a couple of months old they can start to produce a few pre flowers even under constant light. These pre flowers can be a good indication to the sex of a plant but can`t be relied upon. To flower properly most varieties of cannabis will require 12 hours of constant, uninterrupted total darkness each day. The dark period needs to be at a regular time each day so use a timer switch if you are using lamps and don`t be tempted to peak during darkness or you will delay flowering, stress your plants and promote sexual deviation.

cannabis plants are either male or female or occasionally hermaphrodite. The male cannabis plants produce pollen which pollinates the flowers of the female cannabis plant, which once pollenized, produce seeds . If the female cannabis plant isn’t pollenized [if there are no male cannabis plants nearby producing pollen], the flower or buds continue to develop and produce THC. Female cannabis plants which are not pollenized are referred to as sinsemilla [without seeds]. Usually 30 to 50% of the cannabis plants are male.

Please note that occassionally specious staminate flowers will appear in the last days of flowering of a female Marijuana plant. These do not drop pollen and their appearance is not considered evidence of deleterious hermaphroditism.

LOTS OF INFO ON HERMIES! Marijuana plants are either male or female . The male Marijuana plants produce pollen which pollinates the flowers of the…