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hermie marijuana plant

Hermie marijuana plant

You should check the small popcorn buds, and any calyxes to see if there is seed inside them. You may have caught it in time, and if you get the plants down soon, seed formation will be minimal.

Nobody really wants seeds in their buds. So in this guide we will explain how to identify if your cannabis plant has hermied, and what to do about it if it has.
Another cause of hermaphrodite cannabis plants is harsh environments, that the plant can not handle well. If a cannabis plant feels that it will complete its life cycle without being pollinated, it may hermie.

If you look over your buds, and find something that resembles a banana, it needs to be treated quickly. But in most cases, it is already too late, and your crop has been pollinated.
From here you can remove the plant out of the grow room, and take it far away before removing the bag. The pollen can travel far, and can make its way back into the grow room.
It is easy to ensure you are growing female plants, by buying feminized cannabis seeds from a good seed bank. These seeds will have 99%+ chance of being female. This removes the need of identifying and killing male plants, and will save a lot of time and space.
Do this for all of the bananas you can find. It may not be ideal, and it may not get all of them, but it will at least reduce the amount of seeds in your buds.
Because pollen is so light, it travels very easily in a breeze. In an indoor grow room, if pollen has been released into the air, you can be sure it’s pollinated other plants.

Turn off your fans. Use a small plastic bag over your finger tips to pinch off the bananas. Once removed, wrap the bag around the banana tie a knot in it, and remove it from the grow room.

Concerned you have Hermaphrodite Cannabis Plants? This guide will help you determine if your plants have hermied, and what you can do if they have!