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herbalizer vaporizer for sale

LCD Touch Display

Delivery Method – Balloon Bag / Whip
The Herbalizer has two different modes available: Vaportherapy and Aromatherapy. The Vaportherapy mode, which is most popular, vaporizes dried herbs, concentrates, and oils with fully customizable heat settings that allow you to be in full control over the intensity of your experience. Most users will be using this mode. The Aromatherapy mode is used for diffusing essential oils into the atmosphere which will brighten up the fragrance of your room and put you into an enhanced state of mental relaxation. The Herbalizer has a separate front compartment where the essential oils are placed to then be diffused into the room to lighten the mood and encourage peace and tranquility. And to add to your joy and happiness even further, this high-quality vape actually sends you personal greeting messages each time you open it to start a new session. How’s that for customer satisfaction?

Warranty – 2 Years
Final Thoughts
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Overall, the Herbalizer is an innovative and revolutionary new product that has permanently altered the vaporizer industry and raised the bar on consumer functionality and versatility. It really brings an entire new vaping philosophy to the table, one in which the user gets to pilot his / her own experience and take full control over the effects of the vaporized medication. With a sleek design, USA manufacturing, and versatile functionality it’s no wonder why this device has been literally worshipped by vape professionals everywhere since the date of it’s release. While the price tag may be a bit on the high side, those who have already purchased the unit have expressed that “it was worth every penny”. If you’re really looking to take your vaping to the highest possible realm of existence then this product was designed and produced specifically with you in mind. Join the next big thing in the vape revolution and purchase your very own herbalizer for sale today!
Dimensions – 8 x 12 x 14 in.

Weight – 3.50 lbs

**USE COUPON CODE "VAPE20" DURING CHECKOUT WHERE IT SAYS "DISCOUNT" AND CLICK "APPLY" TO SAVE 20% ON THE HERBALIZER RIGHT NOW! The Herbalizer is a revolutionary, compact and modern-looking desktop vaporizer that offers a variety of different benefits and features for the vapor enthusiast and aromatherapy technicians.

The Herbalizer vape introduces vaportherapy. The natural evolution of aromatherapy, vaportherapy is the process of volatizing plant material for the purpose of therapeutic relaxation. The Herbalizer vape lets you control the intensity of your experience with accurate heat settings. Customize the benefits of your favorite herbs, oils, and concentrates through precise extractions and repeatable effects

Convenient and uncomplicated, the Herbalizer’s integrated, medical-grade silicon whip gets an optional boost from a powerful, whisper quiet fan. You may be asking yourself what does “integrated” mean? Simply that the whip is built into (a.k.a. “integrated with”) the Herbalizer vape housing unit using an ergonomic trench that surrounds the heating chamber and houses the whip, keeping it safe and out of the way when not in use.
The Herbalizer vaporizer is also equipped with instantly intuitive fail-safe systems powered by the internal computer. One of these fail-safes is the Over Temperature Shutoff which means the internal microprocessor will astutely regulate the lamp temperature and make incremental adjustments within hundredths of a second of any deviation from the selected temperature level. The other exceptional fail-safe which is unique to the Herbie is the Tip Over Auto-Shutoff, which can sense when the equilibrium of the vaporizer has been agitated. That means if you, your pet, or your over-enthusiastic friend accidentally knocks over the Herbalizer vape, have no fear. The Herbie vape will shut down immediately, remember your selected temperature, and since there’s a magnetic seal on the heating chamber, none of your materials will be wasted!

When you fire up the Herbie vaporizer, the internal microprocessor will store the previous temperature setting for fast usage and easy aromatherapy enjoyment.
For additional personality and panache, the Herbalizer vaporizer designers customized a range of friendly greeting messages that welcome you during the boot-up process. The entire experience is engineered with user happiness and health in mind. Even the tiny details like a “talking” temperature screen speak to the company’s mission of providing flawless performance for the discerning patient and consumer.
The Herbalizer lets you experience the benefits of your herbal blends in pure luxury . What’s more, you can vape at temperatures up to 230 degrees Celsius with absolutely no risk of combustion or incineration*. This is totally unheard of in the realm of vaporization and San Diego-based Herbalizer is proud to deliver unprecedented vapor versatility in an ergonomic and professional medical device that is designed and assembled in the USA. Add a hidden storage compartment, an internal halogen bulb to provide instant heating, and 2 distinct delivery methods, and well, don’t you just love options?
Bottom Line: The Herbalizer vape is the result of NASA minds putting their synapses to work with the input of vape experts and critics from around the world. The result? The Herbalizer vaporizer is one smart cookie. No confusing assembly required. No extraneous accessories. No material left out in the cold. But the best part is: there’s no waiting to vape!
Intelligently designed, the Herbalizer vaporizer features a sleek, luxurious aesthetic and clam-shell housing unit which opens to reveal an intuitive, easy-to-use interface. The heating chamber itself features a magnetic snap-lid, another first in the vaporizer industry, something that vapor connoisseurs have been craving for years. Developed with safety, sophistication and satisfaction in mind, the Herbalizer team spent 4 years in research and development; their team, spearheaded by two NASA engineers, surveyed the vape landscape to fine-tune and integrate all of the best existing methods with embellishments and improvements from the vaping community into a device that addresses all of the aspects of a superlative home vape experience.

The Herbalizer’s easy-squeeze valve balloon system is simplicity defined. Squeeze, attach, and fill with pure, flavorful vapor using the internal fan. Herbalizer recommends that you replace your balloon bag after every 2 months of continual use. There are three additional bags included in every Herbalizer Vaporizer starter kit.

Herbalizer V2.0 Vaporizer – 220V Vaportherapy Only The Herbalizer lets you experience the benefits of your herbal blends in pure luxury . What’s more, you can vape at temperatures up to 230 degrees Celsius with absolutely no risk of combustion or incineration*. This is totally unheard of in the realm of vaporization