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hempdepot ca

Hempdepot ca

Green Crack Feminized Seeds (S1)

Line: Green Crack x Green Crack
Fast Outdoor Genetics is bringing some fast and potent strains from the Eastern Canadian region. Tough and reliable, just what is needed for the short season.

Green Crack Feminized Seeds (S1)
An indica dominant plant with big chunky buds that are very resistant to mold. It will reward you with a pile of sticky buds that have a piney smell with fruity/herbal undertones. This is a great strain for guerilla growers, and will be ready in early September with some phenotypes going until mid September, giving you 1/4 lb to a 1/2 lb of tasty potent buds.
Indoor flowering 49 to 55 days
Green Crack smoke report (Humboldt Cooperative)
South African Sativa

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