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heavyweight seeds review

Heavyweight seeds review
Our aim is to find the best strain ever, with the highest income of resin.
That’s hard to say, as we have many popular strains. From our autoflowering strains we would mention the 2Fast 2Vast, which now is maybe the most popular autoflowering strain on the market. And regarding photoperiod strains, the sales are divided between Dream Machine, Fruit Punch and Strawberry Cake.
The future is something that nobody expects, but the fact is that Heavyweight Seeds is growing very fast and reaching more and more countries.

  1. Any special/secret cultivation tips you can let our readers know about?
  1. If you could say why people should by from Heavyweight Seeds in one sentence, what would that sentence be?
  1. Do you have any brand new strains soon to be released?
  1. Why was Heavyweight Seeds created. What is the aim of the company?
  1. What makes your seeds different?
  1. What unique strain would you recommend people try from your collection?

We spoke to our Spanish friends at Heavyweight Seeds to discover more about their rapidly growing seedbank. How was Heavyweight Seeds born? We started in mid-2008 , when visiting a grower who obtained incredible results. We contacted him and we bought clones of the mother plants used for their c …