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haze rda

Haze rda

The tray can receive various assemblies, ranging from simple coil, up to 4 vertical coils. This last option, like the DC mounted on both sides, requires the installation of a top cap with 2 opposite side vents that you know if you own the Haze, the original top cap of the RDA tank in question here, has indeed an oblong vent of 9mm x 1,5 mm. This fully justifies the use of the gearbox supplied.

Well, I’m going to play fair, this atomizer is very interesting, its options make it a multi concepts that will appeal to the most geeks of you, you will need to get a double top cap Air Flow to compose any editing possible , and that will add to the basic price but . In the state, you are ready to enjoy a very good dripper with an autonomy of 2,8ml, if you prefer the flavor, you will not be disappointed and your autonomy will be effective with assemblies around an ohm.
A piece of Peek serves as a room reducer (for SC or DC mounting on one side) and filling, it is held in place by interlocking (see photo),.

However, it is a setting eccentric and a little less open that won the restitution part of the taste, at the price of course, a vape warmer and less cloud producing.
The latter will fill all the useful space of half of the board. Your assembly will have to be on one side only. In illustration you observe a horizontal Single Coil assembly that will allow to plunge the ends of the capillary through the two orifices provided in the tank.
The cleaning is quite quiet, and the installation of a new capillary is not difficult, allowing a change of juice quickly, provided you have a source of clean water and some tissues in range.
2,8ml of capacity in a discrete PMMA tank gives it a relative autonomy which was lacking to its predecessors.
I opted for a horizontal SC Kanthal 0,72 ohm and Fiber Freaks 1, and I was not really disappointed. The airhole in front and a drip tip 8mm allowed me to send beautiful clouds while enjoying the taste of the juice.

At the price of all, the packaging seems a little light, a user manual would have been welcome, in a few months it may be that this material is declared not in line with marketing in Europe, too bad.

A dripper, yes. An RDTA, yes. A genesis, yes. SC, DC, QC? Yes, yes and yes ! A real Swiss army knife … with some restrictions however …. ~ Atomizers