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hashish bubble

Hashish bubble

Line the bucket (5 gallon) with your special Canvas Bubble Bag 25 micron bag (large pore size) first, then switch to a 220 micron bag (very large pores).

Talk: When I used a homemade vape before I got my solo, I could take one bowl after vaping and get wrecked from eating the abv. Tolerance was lower too, but I’ve tested it again recently. The solo is just too good at vaporizing, at least with very dry heavily grinded weed for the abv to be useful. Granted I could try to save large volumes and make a hash or something, but I just don’t really care about solo abv.
I was blown away to see this wine colored water on my first wash. It took me a few moments to piece it together. Makes me think of the “winter grapes” type of wine making process, where

Liquid carbon dioxide can be used to extract cannabis oils and resins too. Since carbon dioxide boils off at room temperature, and CO2 is not toxic at all, the remaining extract is very pure and contains only the essential oils and resin of cannabis, and the extraction of THC is nearly 100% using this method. This method is great for large scale manufacture, and it’s safe, but you need to have somewhat expensive equipment to use this technique.
Talk: I fill the bowl about four-fifths to the top, mix a little bit of herb and bubble together and sprinkle that down as the final layer and place the cap over that. You don’t have to worry about your hash mucking up your screen, and you get some amazing flavor on those first couple draws.
Talk: My weed source isn’t the best, it’s quite dry, and seems to become close to or fully extracted from normal use.
they leave the grapes out as late as possible to enhance flavor.
Bubble Hash is refined Hashish – where much of the residual plant fiber material is removed. Bubble hash has a tendency to form bubbles when consumed, hence the name.

Talk: What happened that made you think your ABV is useless?

This article describes what bubble hash is, how to consume it, how to make it, from there you can go deep.