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hash plant kush

Hash plant kush

Smell: Hash Plant carries a sweet and simple aroma. Strong, clear scents of bubble gum and soil sweep over the nostrils, followed by an equally potent wave of zesty funk with skunky overtones.

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Looks: If strains were a football team, Hash Plant would undoubtedly be the center. Short, fat, sticky and dense, Hash Plant has football- and fist-shaped buds that display its Afghani heritage loud and proud. Evergreen in color, it has a heavy coat of trichomes.

Flavor: Although there are subtle, tart notes of skunky beer up front, the strain’s earthy, hashy characteristics control the palate, with spicy, woody notes of bubble gum glazing the tastebuds.
I’ve never been one to hate on the outlandish or complex names of strains. But while the absurdity of a sativa called Somali Taxi Ride or a hybrid named Toxic Kool Aid might pique my interest, simple and no-nonsense classics are generally the strains that will last commercially. And few have names as straight to the point as Hash Plant.
Fox Cannabis, Oasis Cannabis Superstores, the Stone Dispensary, Pineapple Exchange, Terrapin Care Station and Trenchtown have all recently carried Hash Plant. So far, the Stone and Trenchtown’s body-melting cuts have provided the most bang for my buck, though I’ve heard Pineapple Exchange’s $20 eighth for medical patients is a solid option, too.
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Commercial grower’s take: “Even with all of those trichomes, it’s kind of been passed by in terms of potency. Don’t get me wrong: Hash Plant still puts me out when I smoke it, but it doesn’t go over 20 or 21 percent THC, and extractors want more potent buds to pull from now. Sounds weird saying this, but Hash Plant doesn’t make hash like some of the younger pups, so it’s not as popular in that regard. Still a solid indica and a juggernaut in the grow, though. Great beginner strain if you don’t have much room in the grow.

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Hash Plant’s resin-glazed buds and short flowering period make it a natural candidate for extraction, and its heavy Afghani characteristics that dominate Hash Plant’s lineage are synonymous with Eastern bubble and finger hash. Hash Plant has a small Northern Lights influence that pairs well with its Afghani…