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harry x fem draco

Male!Hermione Granger/Female!Draco Malfoy one-shot

“The fact that the two of them were in detention came as no surprise to the headmaster, Professor Dumbledore. What had landed them in detention, however, was surprising to him. In Hermione’s own words she had “Kinda, sorta hit Malfoy with a sex transition hex.” In retribution, Malfoy had casted a horn-growing hex. This had all happened right as Mr. Filch was passing by. Thence the two of them got detention, which consisted of them both writing a 500 word apology to one another.”
Whilst in detention after turning Draco Malfoy into a female, Hermione notices something odd. Obviously Draco brushes her off. Though after many questions about the spell she used and her stumbling across him in the library crying. He finally opens up and tells her what is going on. Hermione helps Draco navigate the hard path of transitioning, coming out in a cruel world and coming to terms with the feelings she’s developed for her supposed rival.

My take on a female Draco fanfic. Harry and Draco are auror partners. Draco’s in love with Harry since forever. But harry’s in a relationship with Ginny Weasley.

Companion piece to “Library Rendezvous”.

Ron and wakes up Christmas morning and is terrified (correction: cackling) to find that Harry has a girl in bed with him. Hermione, however, isn’t surprised at all.

Harry had a hard life, he was abused all his childhood and came out of it with PTSD. When he was sixteen he had an accident that left him injured and he decided to keep it from his friends. Draco on the other hand lived a great life with loving parents and his Veela heritage. At midnight on his sixteenth birthday he awoke to a blinding pain as his body changed.

Author’s original summary:

After a mistake in Potions leaves Malfoy stuck as a female, Harry tries his best not to let Malfoy or his poncy skirt distract him. It shouldn’t be too challenging. but first he has to make it through breakfast.

Draco makes a living off of bringing men home then cutting their life short then going through their pockets.

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