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harle tsu seeds

Harle tsu seeds

“Quote me on this, ‘It’s no pan-galactic gargle blaster, but it’s mighty lemony.'”, says my Man, who just woke back up, walked to the kitchen and muttered, “so thirsty.” while chugging a pint of water when asked (by myself) if he wanted to ad any tasting notes to this review. I would totally do this again and that has very little to do with the fact that I’ve got almost a third of a pre-roll left outside in the camp chair and a fresh one right in front of me. This was a tasty and relaxing flower. However, it must be noted that at least in my case and in the case of my apparently dehydrated and sleepy man, the idea that “CBD won’t get you high” is false. I was most certainly high for about an hour. Notes for Science: Pre-roll: one (1) gram Brand: Going Green Labeled: Harley-Sue Harvest: 06/11/2015 The low down: Fist burn: I smoked it by myself, a bit timidly, just until I felt the primary effect I was after – Headache relief. It only took 3 shallow drags over a space of about 2 minutes to feel a substantial decrease in the pain. I still had things to do, and I was satisfied, so I knocked out the cherry and put the joint back in its tube. Over-all I was a bit relaxed in a positive way and I would say definitely not sedated. My mental clarity was improved, not being in pain, however; I feel like I may have been generally quieter than usual. A note on pre-rolls: I dig it. Interim*: finished work, got home and smoked 2 other high CBD strains, somewhat cautiously, watched Arrested Development, and went to sleep. Today’s burn**: Woke up and the headache was back, so I got some coffee, collected my boyfriend, and smoked the joint with him down to about a third its original length, which being a cone is not the same as 1/3 its original volume. I would say we smoked about 0.5g +/-0.1g. Yes’ir, we smoked like we were back in high school. Long, deep, satisfying drags, because it’s Saturday, we have no firm plans, and the word on the street is “CBD won’t get you high”. I was in the bathroom for an hour, dreaming with my eyes open. I mean, I sat down to pee and *boom* dream brain. I was gone. Far, Far gone, I kept seeing/ hearing an ambulance lights/siren sprinting back and forth on my neighborhood street. Colors delaminated and I took a ride on fractal patterns. Christian symbolism floated in and out and I took a deep breath and realized I was still sitting on the toilet. I had been dreaming with my eyes open for almost an hour. My Man’s experience was somewhat different in peak intensity and duration, also in over-all effect. He felt his immediate and full effects much sooner than I did. After the third power drag, the “I smoke like a pro” drag, he proclaimed that he was “definitely stoned” and immediately started doing house hold tasks, which supported the claim. I felt fine, a more pronounced or intense version of notes on first burn, and was laying on a blanket in the back yard, reading ” Seeing Voices” by Oliver Sacks, when all of a sudden my mouth and throat became very dry and sticky. I immediately knew I had “hit that shit to hard”, packed up and headed to the kitchen for a drink. My Man was washing dishes and a bit slowly. I filled a pint with water, chugged it, told him “I think I may have over done this, just a touch” to which he replied with a bit of a slow stutter and sluggish mouth movements, “I know I did” he told me that he felt fine regardless and that he just felt a bit disconnected and uncoordinated, then proceeded to the garage in a loose-kneed semi swaying gate to do laundry. Which was pretty funny. I had to pee, sat down to do ma’business, and checked out to dream town as described above. My Man states that he knocked on the door every ten minutes to make sure I was still responsive, which I don’t remember. He is the one that timed my check out at approx an hour. His effects of general un-coordiation, mood lift, and general jolly-ness lasted about 5 hours. Other than the sudden onslaught of open-eyed dreaming (I am making a clear distinction from hallucinations here, because it was quite different than what I consider a hallucination) my effects where much more subtle in the long term time frame. My headache and back pain were gone, again, much like burn one but a bit deeper, with a general calm and happiness for at least the next four hours. *Interim flowers: “Harlequin” and “Sweet and Sour Widow” **General important notes: My Man and I haven’t smoked in years, in effect, we are complete noobs. If you are a noob, recognize it and imbibe accordingly. We are both known to be very sensitive to the effects of cannabis. My Man was also running on some sleep debt. It is important also to state that the staff at The Herbary did not mislead me in any way about the product and in fact were quite helpful, at no point was the question asked of the staff “can I go crazy on this or what?” or any other possible analog of the same.

You want to buy Harle-Tsu seeds? Get yourself informed about the effects of the Harle-Tsu strain. Harle-Tsu is known for the following effects:

  • Citrus
  • Earthy
  • Woody
  • Pine
  • Spicy/Herbal

Hiram from Saudi Arabia
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Harle-Tsu is a typical hybrid strain and has a level of 1% THC. The CBD level of this strain is 22 percent. Harle-Tsu is related to the following strains; Harlequin and Sour Tsunami with an average of 40% sativa and 60% sativa. Grow Harle-Tsu seeds and it will result into a stunning cannabis plant with nice buds. Germinate the Harle-Tsu seeds and grow it into a nice cannbis plant, with a regular flowering time to be ready.
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Silvia Samuelsson from Hollogne-sur-Geer

Is it good to know what the flavor of Harle-Tsu is before you buy Harle-Tsu seeds online. It said Harle-Tsu tastes mostly like:

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