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halogen vaporizer

Drill at least 1/4 inch hole in brass end cap.

Tan’s DIY Halogen Vaporizer
1 or 1 1/2 long 3/4in Dia. brass pipe fitting
1 Brass Cap fitting to match
air hose line
1 Hardwood base (I used a wood couch foot)

Place the brass pipe fitting into the 1 inch hole of the base.
Take wire mesh and use a quarter for a circle guide (if you don’t have any
screens around) Cut TWO of these.
Place the lamp chord and socket down inside of the brass pipe fitting.
UtiliTech 120V 20-watt Xenon Accent Kit light
You need two because the herb will be sandwiched in between both screens
and placed into the top of the brass end cap with the hole.

Drill a hole at a diagonal from the top of the base, through the side. This will be
for the air tubing.

Tan's DIY Halogen Vaporizer Takes about 1hr to build. Tools: Hammer Phillips Screwdriver Drill 1in wood drill bit (not the flat kind, but the round one)…

Efficiency. Once you are friends with the temperature knob its amazing. You can put a pinch in and get vapor production. Easily get your bud coming out very dark brown. The vape has a lot of power, goes to 300C (570F), well above anything I will ever need. So you can really fine tune it to your herb and style, making most of your herb.

The main unit. From the left. Musa vaporizer. 14.5mm adapter. Glass tube. Container.
Repairs. This is where this vape shines. There are only two things that can fail on the main unit. The glass heating tube and the light bulb. I got an extra of both, so I am set for long time. You only need to overcome a few hex screws to open it and do the all the repairs that will ever be needed. Top scores here!

It may seem that I am being overly generous with my review. I did a lot of homework before I ordered the Musa. I really wanted something that will last me for years to come and would be efficient on the herb. This vape delivers. Its not only that, its also beautiful to look at (except the power adapter), its beautiful to use (works at every angle). Works both as a session and on-demand. It is easy to do DIY repairs. It really is a no fuss vape.
Oven. Oven is a mesh container. Simple enough, just two pieces. I like the fact that I dont have to pack it full. I once packed it full, had a session with 4 people. It worked, but now I prefer a half filled oven. I found out that you can actually stir the herb with your breath if the container is half full only by momentarily pulling harder. This works a treat, I dont have to stir at all during a session, resulting in a evenly baked bud. When packed full, I do find that the herb in the bottom does get vaped more and comes out more dark brown if you dont stir. But the design is such that you would have to wait for the container to cool of before trying to open it for stirring.
Quality of vapor. Its top notch. I usually start a session on lower temp, get nice smooth tasting mild clouds, amazing taste. After a couple of rounds I crank the temperature up a little and get them big nice lush tokes. The temperature gauge may be a little cryptic at first, but that is nothing an observant mind cannot overcome. I do not own a bubbler (yet), so all my sessions have been straight up clean Musa. The glass tube does a good job cooling down the vapor. First time I used the vape, I went too far and accidentally combusted the herb, and this may sound weird, but it tasted more like something roasted than something burned. Though with long sessions, when I am trying to get all out of the herb, the vapor does get just a little hot and dry, so I do feel just a little discomfort, but nothing as bad for me to stop. I must emphasize that all this “testing” was done together with my partner and she did not bail once and neither of us smokes, so if we can manage, then you can do.

The magic lantern.
First things first, this thing is a looker. Oh yeah. Not only does it look cool turned off, but it also looks sweet turned on. While using it in a dark room, it reminds me of a lantern and I might add, that passing a lantern full of awesome taste to friends and the visual pleasure of looking somebody take a sip from a wooden lantern is worth something on its own.

Assembled. You can see the light bulb inside the glass heating tube (a fine sheet of mesh covering it).

So I started hunting for a log vaporizer. There are not many choices for someone who lives in Europe. So after some research I jumped and ordered a Musa vaporizer. Check them out on IG. The artist behind this vape is a great guy. He answers with both speed and honesty. It was a pleasure! 250€ +…