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gyo seedbank reviews

Has anyone had any experience with this company? I placed an order for seeds a week ago and it hasn’t even been processed yet. I’m just curious to know if this is a patients is a virtue kind of thing or is this something I should be concerned about?

GYO is a branch company of DNA genetics.
The rundown is this: It took 20 more days to flower than listed (83 vs 60-65), my plant was a VERY sativa pheno, fucked things up a little for my scrog, but I ended up with a pretty decent yield of 2 foot long colas that smelled VERY unique.

The aroma was unlike anything ive smelled before, it was very weird. Like gorilla glue mixed with a spicy sandalwood haze.
I don’t want to diss the breeder as phenotypes can be so random, but I got really screwed on my plant.
I was trying to scrog it with my other plants, but not knowing it was a sativa pheno going into flowering, I could not scrog her any more after week 2.5 into bloom. So she just went up and up and I ended up with 2 foot plus colas that were silly next to my bushy plants i had growing too.
Took 83 days to flower, vs the 60-65 days GYO says. So yeah, sativa phenotype.
It started all fine and normal in veg, but after 2-3 weeks in flowering I noticed that it would not stop stretching upwards. It didnt stop until week 4, maybe even 5ish. It was supposed to be a 60% indica, but I got a VERY sativa phenotype.

I have only had experience with one of their GYO strains (friends havent grown them either), Double Alien 18.

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