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Can Treat – effective in reducing anxiety, depression and stress. Its Sativa content boosts euphoria to combat low mood while its Indica content brings relaxation to ease pain, banish nausea and improve appetite.

Height – the Girl Scout Cookies strain grows to a mid-level height of approximately 30”.
Growing Guide For Girl Scout Cookies Weed

While the Girl Scout Cookies strain doesn’t have a high CBD content, it can boast a high THC content of as much as 28%. This makes it not only excellent for recreational use but also for medicinal purposes. Effective at soothing the nerves, its sativa content boosts low mood while its Indica genes provide effective relaxation. Those suffering from chronic pain will find this strain an ideal choice, while those suffering from a poor appetite or nausea will also appreciate its medicinal benefits. GCS is also useful in treating insomnia thanks to its potently relaxing properties.
The Girl Scout Cookies strain grows to a medium height of around 30”. Some varieties have a dark green color with orange hairs, white trichomes and tightly wrapped flowers. Others have purple leaves. In terms of flavor, GSC has a spicy and sweet taste which can mask its potency. As an Indica dominant strain, it provides the user with a powerful body high, yet its high Sativa content ensures plenty of euphoric creativity.
There are few common negative side effects associated with the Girl Scout Cookies strain. Dry mouth and dry eyes are those which are most commonly reported. Occasionally, paranoia and anxiety can occur although this is usually when the user tokes too fast and too much. Small hits therefore are advised when smoking this powerful strain.
Taste and aroma – this strain has a flora aroma and flavor which is sweet and similar to baked cookies. You’ll detect lemon, spice and menthol when you smoke this strain.
The Effects Of This Strain

The name of this strain is both practical and ironic. While it tastes sweet, very similar to the ginger cookies sold by girl scouts, this strain is very potent – nothing like an innocent girl scout treat! As the mix of sativa and indica found in this strain is fairly balanced, users can be creative and socialize or just chill out after a hard day.

Girl Scout Cookies Strain Girl Scout Cookies strain, or GSC as it’s now more commonly known, is a hybrid created by crossing Durban Poison with OG Kush. Originally cultivated in California, it’s reputation has spread far beyond its native state, thanks to its impressive relaxing properties and euphoric high. The high T