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growman method

Growman method

Despite its high success rate, this procedure is not complicated at all. However, some people report that it is not 100% effective. What gives? To guarantee the successful removal of the THC particles, the Macujo method has to be done correctly and accurately.

Aside from the high success rate when done properly, the Macujo method has other benefits:
Just remember to do it at least five times, and avoid contamination after the hair detox process. Change your sheets, towels, and combs or brushes. Do not wear old hats and make sure to laundry your hoodies or any clothing that may have come in contact with your hair before this process.

Step four will require you to first protect your face – your eyes and ears, specifically. Clean and Clear Pink contains salicylic acid and may cause a burning a sensation upon contact to the skin and scalp. Take the Clean and Clear Pink and put a dollop into your hands and massage it well into your hair. Again, vigorously rub it into your hair strands to make sure it really gets in there.
In spite of the painstaking process, a lot of people swear by the success of this method – a small price to pay for passing that hair strand drug test.
The next six steps will involve the proper processes of washing your hair. Investing in the right products is also a must to make sure that this process is effective. Following the next steps to a T is essential to pass that drug test to get that dream job, or just to stay employed.
Having been around for more than a decade, this method has been proven most effective for marijuana users. Despite marijuana’s legalization in many states, a lot of companies still require drug tests. The Macujo method is definitely the go-to fix to work around this pinch.
Can you do the Macujo method without Aloe Rid detox shampoo?

The Macujo method is a hair cleaning procedure that targets the hair’s cuticles. The process opens up the cuticle which protects the cortex that stores the THC particles. Opening the cuticle enables the elimination of the THC particles from the cortex.

Macujo Method is one of the most popular methods used by weed users to pass a hair drug test. Learn how to achieve over 90% success rate with our guide.