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growing pot with cfl

Growing pot with cfl

Keep the bulbs as close to the foliage as possible. 20w CFL’s can be as close as 1-2cm, but 250W CFL’s need to be between 2-5 inches from the canopy. Due to the inverse square law, your plants get alot more lumens from the bulb when it is closer to them. This is another reason why CFL’s can be used to grow cannabis. Because you can get them so close to the plants, you are delivering a lot more light than you think.

CFL’s will run cooler than most forms of grow lighting. Because of this, you can place them as close as 2-3cm from the top of the plants. Also, because they do not burn so hot, they require far less extraction to keep the room cool. You will still need extraction to remove stale air from the grow room. But you have the option of using smaller extraction, or a dimmer switch to slow the fans speed down.
Light penetration when growing cannabis with CFL’s is weak, compared to HID and LED lighting. This means, the light can not penetrate too deeply into the canopy. So any leaves just a couple of inches below the canopy, will not get enough light.

The grow may take a little longer. But you can grow good cannabis under CFL’s. You just have to use them correctly.
Each clone should yield around 10g dry cannabis. If you plant 2 new cuttings every 2 weeks and flower straight away, will pull in on average 20g per 2 weeks. With practise this can increase.
Growing a sea of green with CFL’s can bring excellent results with both yield and time. But to do this, you must have access to cuttings from a mature “mother” plant. Once rooted, the clones can be put straight into flower. Use small deep pots, around 2-3L volume.
This will increase yield and improve the overall quality of your cannabis.
In some situations, regular HID lights, or LEDs, are either too expensive, or burn too hot for a small space. Growing cannabis with CFLs, is a great way to provide your plants with enough light to grow, but keep heat and energy consumption low.

If you are growing cannabis with CFL, or think it is your best option, then feel free to ask for help in our cannabis growers forum

Growing cannabis with CFLs, is a great way to provide plants in a small space with enough light to grow, but keep heat and energy consumption low.

Growing pot with cfl


You can find and purchase this bulb here.
The glass around the lightbulb allows the light to cover a medium-sized garden evenly and can accommodate a 200-watt bulb if necessary. On top of all that, the system comes with a warranty.

  • Soft White or Warm White: These bulbs fall somewhere between 2700 and 3000 Kelvins and emit a warm-colored white light that mimics natural sunlight. These kinds of lights work their magic best during the budding and flowering stages of your plants.
  • Cool White or Bright White: These bulbs are usually between 3500 and 4100 Kelvins. They aren’t the best for growing plants in general and should either be avoided or used very sparingly.
  • Daylight: These bulbs come between 5000 and 6500 Kelvin. They provide a cool-colored white light that aids in growth in the vegetative phase of the plants due to not being too hot.

When picking out a CFL light, you want to consider:
CFL stands for compact fluorescent lightbulb. These bulbs come in a variety of wattages, sizes, and colors, and are usually either screwed in or plugged in.
This CFL is only 5 watts, meaning a low level of heat that doesn’t damage the plant and won’t burn you if you touch it. The light isn’t hard on the eyes either and gives off a pleasing glow without being too bright.
You can find and purchase this bulb here.


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