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grow weed cheap

Grow weed cheap

These cannabis plants were grown in a Coco + Perlite mix.

Coco coir is made of ground-up coconut husks, and perlite is made out of expanded volcanic glass. Coco feels sort of like a really rich soil, while perlite looks like little white airy rocks, almost like popcorn. When these two are mixed together, it provides an incredible root environment for your cannabis plants. Roots tend to be healthier, plants grow quickly, you won’t get bugs, and overall your garden will be more resistant to heat or stress.
That means you pay $60 for the first 12 gallons of grow medium plus nutrients, but you’ll have extra nutrients at the end. That means for future grows you’ll only need to pay for soil until you use the nutrients up.

These plants were grown in composted Super Soil under two Electric Sky ES300 LED grow lights
It’s true your grow medium makes a difference in your results. If you get a bad grow medium that provides the wrong nutrients or doesn’t drain well, your plant will run into problems. The grow medium also affects how likely you get bugs (more likely in soil) and how fast plants grow (faster in coco and hydro). The grow experience is different between them (soil vs hydro are two very different growing experiences!).
We only gave plain water from seed to harvest. Nature did everything else!
One $35 bag of Coco + Perlite mix is enough to fill 16 gallons worth of pots (the entire tent above, which had 8 x 2-gallon pots). The big investment with coco as a grow medium is nutrients, but they’ll last multiple grows. Great nutrients for coco are Flora trio ($35) at half strength + Calimagic ($17) at 1 tsp/gallon. That means for about $90 you have 16 gallons worth of growing medium plus tons of leftover nutrients. You would only need to buy the Coco + Perlite mix ($35 for 16-gallons of grow medium) for the next several grows while you used up the nutrients (the nutrients listed last 2+ years before going bad).
But your grow medium does not make nearly as much a difference as most growers think when it comes to actual bud quality. It’s more important to ensure your plants get the nutrients they need, have a great grow light and live in a good growing environment (especially when buds are forming). These all have a much bigger impact on your final bud quality than the specific grow medium. That’s why I recommend new growers also consider costs and personal preferences when choosing the grow medium.

Let’s talk grow medium costs. A cannabis grower on a budget has a lot to consider. I hope this helps clear some things up!

What’s the Cheapest Grow Medium for Cannabis? Let’s talk grow medium costs. A cannabis grower on a budget has a lot to consider. I hope this helps clear some things up! A lot of times you’ll