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grow shop alien

Grow shop alien

Because we buy our goods in large quantities, we can offer you low prices for real dutch, quality products. When you order with Online Gardenshop AliГ«n, you can be sure you are receiving original,quality items at affordable prices.

Gardenshop AliГ«n is a trustworthy company from the Netherlands. We are located in the province of Zeeland in a small town called ijzendijke. We have been selling growing supplies for many years to people of all ages, classes and lifestyles; everyone is welcome. Gardenshop AliГ«n can be found at the border with Belgium. You can’t miss it: Just drive into town untill you arrive at our shop. Ample parking space is available, as the market is nearby.
Open From Tuesday till Wednesday 11.00-13.00 13.35-18.00

Online Gardenshop AliГ«n intends to bring you the latest and greatest products available on the growing market, at a prize that will put a smile on your face and make you come back for more! Everyone is entitled to decent and safe equipment , we want to give growers around the globe the opportunity to buy and experience Dutch quality.
If you have any remarks,questions or requests or if you just want to let us know how you feel about our shop, feel free to send us an e-mail at: [email protected]
Not only do we strive to provide an excellent service, we also ensure fast delivery times and quality customer support after purchase.
We would love for you to visit our shop and see for yourself what we have to offer!
ijzendijke 4515 CB

Friday 11.00-13.00 13.35-21.00 and Saturday 11.00-18.00

Online Growshop Alien lowest prices on the net for growing equipment and cannabis seeds,nutrients,lights,… and bringing the latest dutch quality products online first. Cannabis Seeds Seedbank

The Alien™ Recirculating Deep Water Culture systems are an innovative, heavy duty design for those wanting to grow fewer but larger plants.

Deep Water Culture is a method used to grow plants with roots submerged in a highly oxygenated nutrient solution.
How it works

The 20 litre pots are linked together with one row of 32mm pipe and fittings. The XL 30 litre pots are linked together with two rows. This allows for a free flowing system which recirculates the nutrient solution several times an hour. The larger diameter pipe has been fitted to combat the problem of root blockage.
Air kits
The RDWC hydroponic systems come in two sizes, either 20 litre pots or XL 30 litre pots.
Deep Water Culture

The 20 litre Air kits use Hailea V series pump which also run silently.

Alien RDWC Black series 12 Pots | Hydroponic & irrigation systems \ Alien hydroponics fast shipping and lowest price guarantee!